O’Fallon police find over 200lbs of marijuana during traffic stop

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Vista Scott, 23 and Matthew Serrano, 38


Vista Scott, 23 and Matthew Serrano, 38

Vista Scott, 23 and Matthew Serrano, 38

O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – An O’Fallon officer could smell marijuana coming from a car during a traffic stop in O’Fallon. His dog found nine bundles weighing over 200lbs.

Matthew Serrano, 38, and Vista Scott, 23, are under arrest after police found nine bundles of marijuana weighing over 200 pounds in their car. A release from the O’Fallon police department states that an officer pulled over the duo on Saturday at around 4:00pm near the intersection of Winghaven Blvd and White Hawk for a moving violation. He noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After obtaining a search warrant he searched the car with his dog, “Ares.” The dog found the bundles of marijuana.

Serrano and Scott of Los Lunas, New Mexico have both been charged with accessory trafficking in drugs and attempt to traffic in the 2nd degree with a $100,000 bond.


    • Mike D.

      Since you asked a question, I will answer it. You didn’t hear that. And it’s “habits” not “habbits”.

    • dave

      because selling weed is such a soul shattering home breaking life ruining crime, someone save the children!!!!


    White Hawk isn’t off Winghaven, it is in Osage Meadows Subdivision off of Bryan Rd just South of Mexico Rd. A few miles from Winghaven, but I guess putting Winghaven down on the report puts all the rich people there more at ease thinking their own neighborhood is somehow safer. I’ll bet more illicit prescription meds and designer drugs are being passed around at the golf courses there in Winghaven by Soccer Moms and CEO Dads than anyone cares to admit…What I am wondering is what are two people from New Mexico carrying drugs doing off the beaten path doing going through there, normally they are being caught coming down I-70 from the West and don’t make it past Foristell. I wonder if they made the wrong turn at I-64 and were cutting through Winghaven to Bryan to get back to I-70?

  • Katie

    She could easily be 23. She really doesn’t look that bad and last time I checked, mug shots don’t make for the best pictures. But on the weed…… Yeah, it’s illegal they knew the risk and are paying the consequences. But if it was legalized and taxed, EVERYONE would benefit. PSA, by the way.

  • Allison

    God I just love the stereotype of winghaven. I live in Winghaven and have for almost 10 years. CEO dads selling drugs? Haha people as rich as that dont live in winghaven. Point is there are tons of children living there, just as any other neighborhood. But we have had dumbasses like these renting house out and selling drugs right next door to children. Thats the point.

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