What Would You Do? Active Shooter Drill

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Click on the video above to get an intense look at the life like training.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- After the drill, everyone talked about what happened.

McVicker told the crowd, "You guys knew it was going to happen, right? You knew it was going to happen and still some of you were still shocked."

What could they have done differently? One man talked about his attempt to barricade. The pretend shooter warned that in this case, "That (told) me there`s somebody in that room. So if you`re going to barricade it, barricade it like you mean it."

The mock shooter also pointed out many employees poor attempts to conceal by saying, "If you`re hiding down behind a desk, you`re easy pickings."

And the sounds may not be obvious. Employees in the mail room didn`t think it sounded like gunshots.

Kraig Meyer said the shots sounded like, 'dropping a book or dropping a clip board on the floor. The other employee said it sounded like one of the tools, a rivet gun.'

It was quickly too late.

Kraig added, "He was in that doorway and we were all right here and that was it."

McVicker`s philosophy is have your own plan and drill it into you head so that it`s second nature. Brian Vickers with Victory Tactical joined in a conversation that you can see by clicking on the video for this story. Vickers (not to be confused with McVicker) provides high threat protection for U.S. Government officials.

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