What Would You Do? Active Shooter Training and Drill

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- You`re about to be interrupted by a shooter. Some employers are now breaking up their work days with an armed intruder drill. You won`t know your true response until you`re staring at the barrel of a gun. Police want you to think about it. You should know your options and have a plan. A veteran Illinois State Trooper offers to test you.

Nate McVicker said, "When they do strike, whether it`s a school setting, corporate setting, church setting, wherever, in the park & do you know what to do?" He added, "You may not remember your first name."

In the chaos surrounding Sandy Hook, dispatchers first thought they were looking for a purple van and someone in a nun outfit.

McVicker said, "An active shooter is considered our country`s number one domestic terrorist threat."

He trains regular people through his company, Operation Safe Guard.

McVicker warned that if someone strikes, you must act as if police will not arrive until the shooter kills himself. That means you must plan on being alone.

McVicker elaborated, "Have an action plan. What are you going to do? Overpowering may simply be throwing a cup of coffee and now you have an escape route perhaps."

I one recent training, McVicker met people who`d already survived rampages.

Roger Renaud explained, "Someone was murdered at the facility that I was at and we were absolutely not prepared. We knew how to call 911and that was all."

Now Renaud works for West Star Aviation where he brought in Operation Safe Guard to prepare them for the worst. It`s a company built around safety, so when managers heard about a safety drill to prepare for a possible active shooter, they jumped on it.

McVicker trained employees on his four part philosophy & 1. barricade 2. escape 3. conceal and 4. overpower.

Then he said go back to work. You`ll soon be interrupted by a mock shooter.

McVicker said, "The goal is to make that imbed, deeply imbedded into your subconscious mind. God forbid this ever happen, if it happens hopefully you`ll revert back to the training today."

One participant added, "30 years ago we used to say all of us at some point- we`ll know somebody who had cancer. Now you look at workplace violence."

McVicker works with Retired Illinois State Troopers and arms them with state of the art fake weaponry, to give realistic sights and sounds & even the smell of gunpowder. It makes you feel like you`re there, to get you prepared.

See the drill by clicking on What Would You Do Part 3.

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