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Donations pour in for homeless woman who left kids in car

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PHOENIX, AZ (KSAZ) – It’s the mug shot seen around the world. A woman with tears running down her cheeks. The story behind it speaks to a desperate mother trying to get a job, leaving her children in her car during a job interview.

A passerby called the police to rescue the crying 6-month-old and 2-year-old children in the locked Dodge Durango parked in the sun.

Shanesha Taylor, 35, was arrested. She says she is homeless and needs the job. She says no one could watch the kids.

While many people have been outraged she left her children in the car, many others have been outraged at her situation.

Now an online fundraising site is collecting money to help Taylor. The goal was $9,000, but that has been passed and currently stands at more than $78,000. There are more than 1,000 comments of support.

Donate: YouCaring website

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  • zinka

    Arresting people who shouldnt be arrested is wrong, mother is fighting for her life and her kids , to give them better future, you should arrest these nasty people who dont work but use someone elses money and steal from others , at least she was trying to get a job and not live of government like everyone else does

  • Dionnandrea Davis

    Everybody has something to say about this woman, put yourself in her shoes.and trust me , all people do not think alike.her situation , back again the wall, I know because I was there, not homeless other situations. Go in the store, tec, God bless you , and my God have favor over your life.

  • metatronking

    To the person who suggested she take the children on the interview, no way. Sadly, that red flag will disqualify you from the job. She will be seen as someone in an unstable home situation who will constantly late and missing days.
    i know it is wrong but the real world is an ugly place.

  • me

    How can you donate money to someone who leaves babies not even old enough to take care of themselves in anyway, any place by themselves. she don’t deserve donations she needs parenting classes.

  • Beckie

    I understand completely, a lot of u haven’t been homeless. I was lucky enough not to be homeless with kids but I’ve been there, and another point if like to make is put urself in the employers shoes this woman can find a babysitter for the interview are u really going to hire her no cause u would think that she can’t find a sitter to get the job how’s she going to get one to keep the job. I think everything happens for a reason, therefore maybe CPA having the kids right now is a good thing; if they have her kids and the donations keep pouring in she will be able to get into a home possibly that she will be able to buy not rent n if god wiling she gets enough money she can make up their rooms while they r “gone” n she’ll have one hell of a surprise for them, maybe this is why all this happened. I hope she gets all the help she needs and a lot of u r mean cold and heartless. Them u wonder y the worlds so bad it all starts with u!!

  • whatever

    Where is the common sense AND humanity in this nation??? The woman NEEDS help! She did what she did out of desperation. Glad people are donating for the cause to help her get back on her feet which is exactly what she needs. No doubt she will get her kids back, eventually, once her situation has changed.

  • dream51782

    Just because this woman couldnt get a sitter for the interview doesn’t necessarily mean she wouldn’t be able to had she got the job. It wasn’t right of her to leave those young children alone in the vehicle but maybe she couldn’t find somebody to watch her kids for free. Some people are just greedy and expect compensation even if she didnt have it. Plus the interview could have been on short notice so no time to locate a sitter. I have had interviews the same day as applying before.

  • NatTurner1

    On this very day, that the woman was arrested and jailed for leaving her children in a car for 45 minutes, an heir to the Dupont fortune was given probation for raping his 3 year old daughter because the judge didn’t think he could “handle” jail. Let that sink-in for a moment as you folks judge this mother!

  • alisha

    This is why people should stick together and be supportive of there friends and family. I don’t think she has any good loving family members and judt having that alone makes life struggles easier to handle.

  • Michelle

    NOTHING IS WORTH PUTTING MY CHILD IN DANGER!!!! And yes her infant and toddler child in a car for almost an hour is putting her kids in danger. Yes she was looking for work and on an interview but could she have not called the company she was interviewing with and rescheduled…. YES….. No EXCUSE. Of course she feels bad she made a bad decision.

  • Kelly

    For those of you felling so sorry for this woman, think of where this happened. Phoenix!!!! It was 100 degrees in that car. Children die in cars all the time. She’s lucky her babies were all right. She was definitely neglectful.

  • middleman

    Once when I was a teenager I waited in the car while my parents did some shopping. The windows were rolled up. I stayed there to see if I could stand it. I only made it about ten minutes before I had trouble breathing, and was beet red with sweat rolling down my body. I was able to open the door and get out, and find my folks in the store. Another time I parked my car under a shade tree and went to visit a friend. When I got back to my car, it smelled wonderful! I had left an apple in the console, and it had baked. There is no reason good enough to leave any living thing inside a closed car in the heat and sun

  • KC

    I am a young mother with a 3 month old. You know what I do when I can’t find a sitter? Stay with the kid and reschedule not leave her in a car. Maybe I’m not in her exact situation as we are not homeless, but homeless or not you do not leave small children alone in a hot car or anywhere for that matter. It’s just common sense. If she had a home would she have left them at home alone?
    There are a lot of people in situations that need monetary help but because she endangered her children’s lives she is receiving an outpouring of support. What is this world coming to. She needs more than financial assistance she needs parenting classes and jail time for neglect. Not money from bleeding hearts who fail to see the entire situation and jumped to conclusions because she was at a job interview.

  • stlmomof3

    She did not make a good decision leaving her kids unattended in the vehicle that is true, but also living in her car with children is heartbreaking it self. I can’t image what it is like for her to feel alone and not have anyone. It is sad though, that it takes something like this to happen for others to notice her struggles and step up to help. We are all quick to judge her and not knowing what we would of done in her situation. While we were sleeping in our beds they were sleeping in a car!!!. Her children are okay and what was done is done. So how about we just open our hearts to what we can do so this may not have to happen again…

  • Dawn Michelle

    Folks who are outraged by her actions are too quick to judge others, they probably live happily in their little comfy bubble oblivious to the needs and desparation of others. Perhaps one of those critical people would be kind enough to offer help of descent babysitting and a job and a place to stay until she gets on her feet. I doubt they would but they love to hate others.

    • Dawn Michelle

      I suppose they would have something ignorant to say as well if she didnt leave them in the car and not try to find a job because she doesnt have anyone to watch them… people will judge no matter what anyone tries to do. They should shut their mouth and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

  • rach

    What a sad situation. And what a sad state our country is in when we have people here living like this & we are constantly send money overseas. Here’s a few novel ideas…let’s get help for the people in our own country that need it first, love one another & help who you can, don’t turn a blind eye to someone who needs help, & for God’s sake STOP judging people when you don’t know what their situation is!

  • Teresa

    She made a bad decision, a real bad one. Bet you have too. She has no home for these children. She obviously has no family as they allow her to live in a car with her two kids. Hate her all you want, but she sure is trying hard and I give her all the credit in the world for going for it to make a ilfe for herself and these kids. She has no one! You cruel people want to withhold money which would help her? You fools! YOU are the ones hurting those children! She will use that money for a roof over those kids heads, for food, for clothing! Good lord people! Quit judging and make a difference. Lend a hand to someone in desperate need. Most of all remember- you’ve made mistakes too – hers were with good intentions. Forgive her, now let’s pick her up when she is down, way down. And let’s help her help those innocent babies and make a life for them and herself. For all you people judging her, maybe think of ot this way…if she gets a job, she won’t be getting aid anymore with your tax dollars.

  • Elmina

    There will always be opinions on every little thing people do. Sure this woman left her children in a car unattended but she did not do it to neglect them nor to cause suffering. She was hoping to land a job to support them! She deserves all of the donations people give to her and her children! Instead of judging her we should show support and help her because she wants to work in order to support her babies unlike many mothers and fathers that depend solely on tax payers money to feed their kids while they wear the newest styles out each season! Stop being so judgmental not everyone gets it easy in life.

    No wonder people these days befriend a pet rather than a human- we are selfish and try to find mistakes in everything people do rather than lending a hand.

  • leonardhenderson

    If CPS was doing what the politicians imagine they are supposed to be doing, this woman would have SERVICES to enable her to live, work, and be a mother.

    But no, that’s not what CPS does.

    Please see “How to FIGHT CPS”

    “Learn all you can, as fast as you can”

    Leonard Henderson, co-founder
    American Family Rights
    “Until Every Child Comes Home”

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