New coalition wants to encase radioactive material at West Lake Landfill

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) – A new coalition sponsored by the Bridgeton Landfill LLC and Rock Road Industries, Inc. is seeking a quick sensible solution for the handling of the radioactive material that currently stored at the West Lake Landfill. They are advocating the encasing the radioactive materials at the landfill, as spelled out in an Environmental Protection Agency 2008 decision to encase the material on site.

The coalition believes encasing the material under a 5 foot structure is the safest and quickest solution to a 30-year project of monitoring and testing, as opposed to excavation of the radioactive material and moving it to a hazardous waste site.

To learn more about the coalition, head to:


  • 2cents

    so you wanna cover it up hhmm you know that garbage is all ready in the river and streams your the reason cold water creek is so screwed up do it right the first time yall claim no danger then how bad can it be and im going to sew you cause of that smell i cant sell my house in spanish village then the boenkers are gonna sew you cause you ruint the winnery plans so dont go far!

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