What’s wrong with this picture?

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ROXANA, IL (KTVI)-- A Metro East couple is wondering if People Magazine has something against people who own guns.

One day last summer, when Bob Farris' wife Sandra came home from church looking especially fetching, Bob fetched his 35 millimeter cannon, his 45 caliber colt and started shooting.

He entered that picture in a contest called "Beauty At Every Age" sponsored by People Magazine. He didn’t think they would reject the photo.

But they did, listing at least three possible reasons for rejection: size, focus or inappropriate content.

To see if the gun was the problem, Bob submitted a second pistol-packing mama picture and was once again shot down.

Only after entering a third time with a picture without a gun did Bob finally hit the target. The photo was accepted.

The contest rules make it clear the judges can reject any photo at any time. After all, the magazine has its first amendment rights.

But what Bob and Sandra Farris don't understand is why celebrating their second amendment rights would be considered offensive.

Despite their disappointment, Bob and Sandra will not be cancelling their subscription to People Magazine because they never had one.

But if guns and ammo ever has a beauty contest, you can bet the Farrises will give it their best shot.

Fox 2 asked People Magazine whether the photos they rejected of Sandra Farris were considered inappropriate because she was holding a gun.

The magazine sent a written response which reads in part: "For various reasons, our editors chose none or one (based on size, lighting, clarity, etc.). In this case, we did choose one of the photos Sandra submitted. As stated in our contest rules, People reserves the right to disqualify photo submissions for any reason and at any time during the contest- period."


  • rick

    How is a story about some guy that can’t get his gun toting wife in a magazine that has nothing to do with guns…news?

  • Toby

    I’m disappointed that fox 2 thought this was worth airing. This is not news, this is the type of reporting that makes me watch other news stations that actually report something that matters.

  • nancy

    Just as much as he has the right to take pictures of his gun toting wife, they have the right to reject it.

  • dufus

    So… Its not news..? I would think that our RIGHTS being abused,in any manor,would b news worthy.?.. I would rather hear of a mans picture of his wife being turned away by people mag. Than listening to another story of beaten,killed,raped, tragic deaths. I don’t watch tv. Its people like you few that just don’t get it…. I’m sure when the dealing is done,y’all be some of the first to cry about not getting a FAIR share ..my 2cents

  • Phyl

    She is a very cute lady, but the pistol is a little bit hoosier. I could see rejecting this type of photo for its content. Guns and ammo magazine? Sure, but not People.

  • Jon Anthony

    If it was an “ugly” contest, I suspect the fotos would have been accepted. No questions asked.

  • Thomas

    “35 millimeter cannon”

    That’s a pretty big gun. I hope he had a permit for such a dangerous device….

    Or, perchance did the reporter mean 35 mm Canon which is a camera.


  • Kelly

    It’s about beautiful woman, there’s nothing beautiful about a woman with her finger on the trigger of a gun. The focus of that picture is the gun and that’s not what People is trying to celebrate. Nice try Bob. This is a non issue, the rules state that People magazine do not have to give a reason for rejecting a picture.

  • ep tor

    It would have been newsworthy and entertaining if the bimbo accidently blew away her bozo husband while she was posing. But then I suppose there wouldn’t be a picture.

  • ryan

    Didn’t he used to work at the post office? I think it was him who would stop people’s mail if they didn’t clean out their box daily!

  • Edward J. Wilkins

    What a bunch of grocery store checkout line “news”.

    As far from news as it can get. How about a link to a Kardashian article on your site? You’d consider that news too right?

  • Tom

    Discriminate against a homosexual and people think you should be put out of business and hung from he highest tree. Discriminate against a gun owner and the same people want to give you a nobel prize. Stupid hypocrites both are life choices of a supposed free people.

  • Janet

    Maybe they turned the picture down because it was a beauty contest, not a gun toting white trash contest.

  • Kate

    “Despite their disappointment, Bob and Sandra will not be cancelling their subscription to People Magazine because they never had one.”

    Ha! Ha! This was the best part of the article.

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