Area man among soldiers killed in shooting at Fort Hood

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EFFINGHAM, IL (KTVI) - U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Owens, 37, was one of the soldiers killed in this week`s shooting at Ft. Hood.  Owens was from Effingham, IL.  Friends say he was an Army counselor.

Paul Eatherton said Owens had recently told his mother he wanted to up his commitment to the military.

"He just signed up for another six years," said Eatherton. "I think he was just going to make it a life time career."

Eatherton and Owens were longtime friends.  Eatherton taught Owens martial arts and the two eventually went into business together.

"He won national competitions," said Eatherton.

Longtime friend Jeff Myers said Owens found purpose with the military.

"He loved the military, loved the military life," said Myers.  "He was able to do what he did and he came back."

Myers was referring to a tour of duty Owens completed in Iraq.

"You never think anything like this is going to hit that close to home," said Myers.

Eatherton wondered how his friend`s life was taken away on a U.S. Military Base.

"You worry about it when he`s overseas and in war you don`t think about it actually happening here stateside," said Eatherton.  "And now it`s happened twice."

Eatherton and Myers said Owens will be remembered as someone who was kind and loved to take care of his family.  Myers recalls the last time he saw Owens.

"He turned around and handed me $20," said Myers.  "I was like, what`s this for? He said sometimes people need it, and I`ve got it."

Friends say Owens` funeral will be held in Effingham and arrangements are pending.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    What a shame..My condolences to the family.Ft. hood shooting was just another “gun free” zone that got shot up.The movie theater in arizona and the naval shipyard were gun free as well.The shooters were stopped by people with guns. Gun control fails everywhere:Chicago,DC, Ft.hood etc.If military can be trusted with guns overseas, they should be at home as well.Then we would have less of these tragedies..

  • Jennifer

    Only the victims are following the rules in “gun free zones”. The family of these vicitms are in our prayers.

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