Edwardsville man gets 9 years in baby beating

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EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (AP) – A southwestern Illinois man has been ordered to spend nine years in prison for the debilitating 2011 beating of a baby.

The Alton Telegraph reports that 26-year-old Matthew Fields of Hartford was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to a count of aggravated battery of a child.

Prosecutors say Fields was alone with the then-9-week-old baby in October 2011 when he allegedly shook and squeezed the child.

Authorities say the baby sustained head trauma and developmental delays.

Fields will have to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence and must register as a violent offender for 10 years.
Information from: The Telegraph, http://www.thetelegraph.com

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Nine years isn’t enough. This guy killed (well, he didn’t kill it, but conservatives aren’t known for accurate facts) a baby. These conservative judges are exactly why the system is so messed up. (!)

    But this guy did get ALMOST as much as the guy will get who stole $3,000 from disabled veterans! This guy got ALMOST as much as the guys cooking meth! And this guy got ALMOST HALF what some guys get for computer pics of naked teenagers or trying to meet them.

    In other words, this guy got ALMOST as serious punishment as we reserve for those violating the most SERIOUS crimes: Moral crimes against the “teachin’s of the bible!”

    And our focus on punishing crimes based on morality more than the permanent, physical damage it does to a person’s life is completely thanks to the conservative stranglehold on our justice system and our country.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Do you mean like the dem judge and dem att gen that let the du pont heir go scot free? How are the conservatives to blame for Jurden and Biden? You praddle on and nobody cares..You’re like a male stewardess that rambles on about the seat cushion being a flotation device because it makes you feel important and you get attention..Truly, truly sad..

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