National Weather Service: “Clearly a tornado” hit University City Thursday

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U. CITY - (KTVI) - Storm damage, power outages and a gas leak are the result of a severe storm and a tornado early Thursday morning.  The National Weather Services says the storm did produce a tornado, leaving large amounts of damage and downed trees in its path.

The storm rolled across St. Louis around 5 a.m.  Residents in University City reported hearing sirens and what sounded like a freight train just before trees started to fall.

There were numerous trees down on McKnight road including one that fell onto a house and another that caused a gas main break. Residents in the area had to be evacuated.

University City has set up a Disaster Hotline  for tornado victims. Anyone who needs help and is not experiencing an emergency should call 314-505-8540.  This number should be used by property owners and residents to report tornado  or other natural related damage.

The hotline will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.    The Heman Park Community Center is open for residents who have been evacuated.  The center is located at 975 Pennsylvania Avenue.


  • STL

    My phone’s warning alert scared me half to death at 5:30am. After that the sirens went off. Got dressed and was ready to hit the basement.

    • Bob

      Although I receive Amber Alerts day and night, I’ve never received an Emergency Alert on my smartphone. It was my weather radio that issued a panic alert, about 30 seconds prior to the sirens going off. The alert seemed a little too late, as I think the tornado hit before the alerts were issued.

  • Paul

    To that person that is more worried about misspelled words. Yes NO to drugs people can loose their lives in bad weather like this but u may still live at home with MOMMY!!!!!!!!! Lol

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