Police find hash oil lab in Rolla bust

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Brian Pohl

ROLLA, MO (KTVI) – Police found a butane hash oil lab at a 23-year-old man’s home on Wednesday.

According to a release, officers executed a search warrant at a home on 1600 block of North Pine street in Rolla, MO. Brian Pohl, 23, was arrested after police found one pound of marijuana, over o150 separate packages of hash oil, and drug paraphernalia. He is being charged with manufacture of a controlled substance and distribution of a controlled substance within 2000 feet of a school.

Pohl is currently being held in the Phelps County Jail pending warrant application.


  • Joe

    Aint hurting anybody. I guess they dont have anything better to do. I guess it isnt any killing, or robberies going on.

    • Taylor Shomaker

      Yeah, except for the risk of explosion…. Producing BHO, or hash oil, is done by extracting THC using solvents. The most commonly used solvent for this process is butane. Most of the people who make BHO don’t follow correct procedures to make sure it’s done safely.

      • Sam Eckers

        This guy was on his 4th or 5th year of engineering. Pretty sure he knew how to properly produce BHO without blowing himself up. It’s a shame the drug task force focuses on victimless crimes such as this where college students are trying to make a little extra to get by. This man the article is about was graduating this year, now they are gonna slap felony charges on him which will ruin his future career. Especially since they are including the “within 2000 feet of a school” charge for a grade school on the other side of campus not even within sight of his house. Maybe if we legalize it, regulate it, tax it, and require vendors to have licenses to sell just like liquor stores do, then we wouldn’t have to worry nearly as much about stories like this.

  • BB

    Yeah Sam, I see your point. The police are ruining his life by arresting him,
    he didn’t just do it himself.

    • Sam Eckers

      I don’t think you do see the point. What exactly did he do that is so horrible and wrong? The article itself is worded to twist peoples immediate reactions. He was extracting from a plant, not cooking drugs in a hash oil “lab”. The way the media worded it conjures up images of meth labs and comes of as an exaggeration for the purposes of fear mongering.

      • Full Melt

        He was cooking drugs – you use heat to purge all the butane from the oil (as well as a vacuum purge). Vacuum purges are used in chemistry for removing solvents from chemicals. Damage from a BHO exlpoding caused more damage than a meth lab explosion. So far in California in 2013, 44 people had to be airlifted to burn treatment centers because of burns caused form explosions. Everything he was doing is highly dangerous – the “flash point” of butane is only 117 degrees. BHO is highly addictive, so much so that chronic users are unable to get stoned from weed alone… even an entire joint of the best Kush does nothing AT ALL to a daily “dabber”. He was making highly addictive hard drugs with impure lighter butane. Real labs use pure N-butane.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Instead of following his path to a degree, he started an illegal and dangerous drug lab. He w as a threat to his neighbors AND the environment.The law’s the law, and if that’s a problem, he should have moved to where it’s legal.Now he can cook prison gin in his cell toilet..That’s why they call it dope!

      • Sam Eckers

        He is following his path to a degree, he is supposed to graduate this year.

        First off, how was he a threat to his neighbors and the environment?

        Second, if alcohol became illegal (again) would you throw out all your liquor bottles and never drink again? What if they made a law that said the drug commonly known as caffeine is now illegal. Would you throw out all your soda, coffee, energy drinks, and other substances that contain caffeine? What if they made Advil, Nyquil, or Benadryl illegal?

        Would you abide by these new rules simply because “the law is the law”? If you didn’t agree with these theoretical new laws, would you honestly get up and move to an entirely new state or perhaps country? Maybe you would, I don’t know you. But I think it’s safe to assume that it’s not so easy for people to just get up and move to a new state because they don’t agree with one law.

        Third, where in the report did it ever mention anything about “dope”? If you think dope is weed, you are completely incorrect. Dope is slang for heroine. The name comes from the high dopamine content that is present in heroine.

        [All of the substances I named off in the ‘Second, …’ paragraph have caused more deaths than marijuana. Every single one of those drugs I named has individually caused more deaths than marijuana will ever cause. Both alcohol and caffeine alone are more addictive and harmful than THC. Kinda makes one wonder, “Wait, why is this illegal?”]

  • James Tere

    I agree Sam, it’s bs. Look at chernobyl, look at three mile island, look at the space craft that crashed and killed like 7 people. These are “real” scientists with years of experience and they could cause a nuclear explosion. However, because someone called something dope apparently that makes it better than say radiation poisoning. They don’t call the media the media for no reason. Look inside yourself and wonder, all of you, what would it be like if a couple guys got high and sat inside played video games? Guess what it’s like when a group of people get high and super “stoned”… it’s like going to church except the music is different. But even better yet, I know for a fact you’ve encountered someone who was high in a regular daily situation. I know this because I get high and no one catches me in public high, I know my friends do the same thing. Guess what though, I graduate this year with a degree and a minor, my friends the same. Are we outliers, potentially, but does anyone know for sure? No, because people are scared of things they don’t understand they’ll say lsd will kill you but not realize its probably safer than a gatorade. Regardless, open your minds to the reality that weed will be legal and you can all stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • James Tere

    But yo just a quick shot at you real quick no offense… there’s no dopamine in heroin haha and you’re spelling it wrong… It’s actually an opiate that binds to the dopamine receptor and allows for dopamine to become more prevalent in one’s system. But hey again, no offense, knowledge is power and that’s what we want for those who oppose us!

    • Sam Eckers

      Whoops, that’s what I get for using Google as a spell checker. I meant to say the high amount of dopamine that becomes present during the heroin high. I got a little lazy towards the end of writing that long comment.

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