Boone Bridge reopens after barge accident

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – The Missouri Department of Transportation had to completely shut down eastbound Interstate 64/Highway 40 over the Daniel Boone Bridge in Chesterfield Friday after a crane hit the bridge. The incident caused a serious impact on traffic.

The bridge has since re-opened. Crews have removed and secured the crane that broke loose on the Missouri River. After an inspection, MoDOT has determined the bridge is safe for travel.

The crane was on a barge that broke away on the Missouri River. It’s from Walsh Construction and is part of the new Daniel Boone Bridge project.

MoDOT officials say the incident is weather related because of the massive storms we just had.

“The river cane up about 10 feet last night. There was high winds and it came up higher than we expected. The barge broke free, basically it was holding the crane, and it moved about 50 feet and it’s resting up against the bridge. The problem is, too, there’s a lot of debris building up against the barge and so there’s a lot of pressure on this bridge and so at this point there’s more and more pressure on it so we want to get the traffic off there and get that moved as quickly as possible,” said MoDOT District Engineer Greg Horn.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

MoDOT  worked with several agencies, including the US Coast Guard, to  move the barge.

Horn says MoDOT believes the barge moved the 50 feet slowly, and that the crane did not slam into the bridge, but gently eased into it, probably overnight. Workers first noticed the crane next to the bridge at 5:30am Friday.

MoDOT says only one lane will reopen going eastbound since crews are shutting down I-64/40 both ways in two spots starting Friday night in the Chesterfield Valley for the entire weekend. MoDOT is taking down the Chesterfield Airport Road Bridge and the Chesterfield Parkway West Bridge.

Traffic going east over the Daniel Boone Bridge was already scheduled to go down to one lane coming off the bridge to exit at Chesterfield Airport Road even before the crane problem.

The bottom line: MoDOT says consider an alternate route if you are planning to use I-64/40 in the Chesterfield Valley this weekend.


    • Tony

      Jane you do know the difference between eastbound and westbound right? I drove over the WESTBOUND bridge this morning as well.

      • STL

        If you’re going INTO the city its EASTBOUND- West bound is towards STC – so Jane and Long are both correct, it was inappropriate for MoDot to allow the morning commute over it.

  • Long

    Yes, no kidding. I took this bridge in this morning. Thanks for waiting until after the morning commute to close it. We could have wound up in the river.

  • Angela

    Do you know when they’re reopening?? I have to go from Lake Saint Louis to Cheserfield to pick up my husbands birthday cake this afternoon!

  • terry

    I had to drIve over It thIs mornIng wIth my kIddIos thanks for lettIng me know ahead of tIme that It was safe.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Did the same thing just a few months ago.”Skilled union labor” LOL Just ask GM, UAW, public schools or the post office..Unions lower quality and raise cost.Period.

      • Mike Randell

        I love your wisdom there Steve. You surely went to private school because a union teacher would have taught you to read the story correctly, weather related. Had a scab outfit been running the job this may have happened sooner without the weather.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        Private school! So THAT’S it! That’s okay, Mike, he got an inferior education but at least they allowed prayer there.

        Steven seems to refuse to see the REAL problem: Inept and greedy management – they bring us lower quality AND lower wages!

        So I wonder what the owners did to be cheap so they could shove more cash up their behind that caused THIS mishap, Steven?

      • Big Ed

        And which buisness is it that you own,U probably live in a castle too.You have us all working for 25.00 a week without benefits. Go work for Putin,you you have to be rich to think like this you do.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, is this yet ANOTHER case where private business causes a problem and damages our infrastructure while having a fat contract to work on it, but the taxpayer will pay ALL the costs for fixing the bridge?

    I’d guess probably so.

    It’s getting so I’m wondering if American business can do anything correctly anymore?

    Private American business people blame everything for their problems – unions, workers, taxes, regulation – EXCEPT the REAL problem: Incompetent and inept management leadership due to 90% of owners and managers being born into their positions with no real talents or skills to run a business properly.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      I’m just made because I can’t afford gas to drive my p.o.s rice burner out of my crappy 2 bedroom house , hopefully some day I can work and not depend on the government to help me.

    • Steven Sweeney

      The weather? HAHAHA ! I guess weather made that chicago train operator crash and injure 32..Guess the weather cause that GM coverup of 13 deaths for 10 years..And weather makes the post office lose billions every year due to the complexities of putting an envelope into a box! Between the sleeping and stealing, unions don’t have time to come up with better excuses than that?

  • mat boster

    I work in construction. Bad things happen every day. Usually for completely different reasons. Have any of you seen how much the river was up? Do any of you know the power of that water? I don’t believe anyone would have deliberately put that crane into the bridge. It was an accident. And accidents happen. Don’t act like you have never made mistakes because you all have. This accident isn’t political or a union, non union issue. Be thankful no one was hurt and all is well.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      I know what msnbc tells me to think. I know if obamo was there he could have stopped it with the stroke of his pen.

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