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Heavy rains cause storm water to backup in Sullivan homes

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SULLIVAN, MO (KTVI)-- Unusually heavy rain hit Sullivan, Mo Thursday flooding basements in low lying areas and swamping normally dry roads.  The Meramec State Park had to be closed and campers evacuated.

Over loaded sewer lines caused backups in basements along Bud Street and Blair. Georgann and Gary Kays were caught by surprise when water began gushing from a basement drainage pipe for their washing machine.

"It was like Old Faithful," exclaimed Gary Kays.  He said the sewage water flowed into his basement for seven hours.  "Our sump pump could not keep up with it," he said.

Family mementos were damaged by the backup bringing tears to Georgann Kays` eyes as she recalled what she had stored in the basement.  "We would not have bought this house if we had known it would have this type of flooding," Gary Kays added.  Both complained they had not been told of previous flooding in the neighborhood by their real estate agent.

By Friday afternoon, the couple was still trying to pump out the basement with a small, portable sump pump and a garden hose.  "It could take two days," Georgann worried.

Kays said the city`s water and sewer department had offered them a back flow device to prevent most future backups.  "But they said it could cost $2,500 to have it installed," Kays complained.

Sullivan City Administrator J. T. Hardy said the city cannot do work on private property including lateral or connecting sewer lines that link a home`s plumbing to the city`s sewer main.  "That`s the residents` responsibility," he said.

Sue and Dave Lankford rent a home across the street.  They too found water backing up through the washing machine drain Thursday.  But their landlord was able to hook up a pumping system to minimize the damage.  But the Lankford`s still lost family memorabilia and they worry mold may develop.

Hardy called the rainfall 'an act of God.'
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  • mikafromstl

    who the hell do you think you are. You dont know these people. These people are hard working people. The have worked hard for everything they have nothing has been handed to them. If you have a problem with the kays you need to take up with them not attack them like this. sounds like to me that you just need dram in your life and have to attack any one who is down. As you say Karma will get you and then we can laugh at you when it happends.

  • Rainy Meeks

    To whom ever posted the post above about the Kays being rip off artists really need to get a grip. These people are like others in the area that are going threw the same thing. Also in the STL area people have had the same problem. Its not Karma its a natural disaster. Things happen and people have problems. I dont think being rude is that people say these things. I hope and pray that nothing happens to you..

  • Angel

    I didn’t see the posting on the Kays suppose to be rip off artist and I’m glad I didn’t see it.Sullivan got hit pretty hard with flooding.and I know for a fact the Kays,myself and many others in the same block of the street had flooding and most all of our stuff was damaged from water.
    Until you people lose personal items that means something to you then you have no idea at all what it feels like and what the cost of lost and work involved is.Kays home did get flooded just like the rest of ours got flooded.
    JT Hardy called the rainfall ‘an act of God.’and I say yes some of it is but we have had a problem with flooding on this street since these houses were built 17-19 or more yr”s ago from bad drainage and no place for the water to drain to.There is always an excuse from the city of Sullivan.

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