Parents disgusted after cameras found in Iowa school restroom

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DAVENPORT, IA (WQAD) — Parents were furious Thursday night after learning that someone placed video cameras inside restroom stalls at Hayes Elementary School in Davenport.

“I would like to know how they even got the cameras in there. I mean, that’s my daughter in there. God knows if she’s actually on there,” said mom Elizabeth Cathelyn.

With shaking hands, Cathelyn pulled the letter sent home to all parents from her 8-year-old daughter’s backpack. The Davenport School District also called and emailed all parents Thursday afternoon.

“I’m kinda emotional. You know, you can’t send them to school now. I’ve trusted the school for many years,” said Cathelyn.

On Wednesday, a custodian found three video cameras in two stalls of the girl’s bathroom. Police have since issued three arrest warrants for Dishon Isabel, who was not yet in custody, in connection with the case. The warrants charge Isabel with “invasion of privacy-nudity.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Ian Dishon Isabel, who goes by Dishon, has worked for Davenport Community School District for four years. Isabel most recently worked as coordinator of the after-school “Stepping Stones” program.

“I just think it’s really disgusting. It’s horrifying,” said mom Meghan Martin. “That is scary, because you think you’re sending them to, you know, a safe place.”

Davenport Superintendent Dr. Art Tate told News 8 that the news was “devastating.”

“I understand their anger,” said Tate. “This has never happened before in this district that I know of. In my 25 years as an educator, I’ve never heard of it. So, it’s a very isolated case, and the fact that we did find it, we did react, and that hopefully the police will find out soon who did it, I hope is comforting to them,” said Tate.

Tate said every other restroom and locker room in the school district was checked early Thursday morning and no other cameras or suspicious devices were found.

Anyone with information on Isabel’s whereabouts is asked to call Davenport Police.

By Megan Noe


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