Police still searching for 11-year-old’s killer

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antonio johnson

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis police still need your help in finding the person who shot and killed an 11-year-old St. Louis boy in his home.

Last Wednesday, Antonio Johnson was struck and killed by gunfire while on his computer.  He was not the intended target.  Investigators say there were a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area at the time.

Anyone with information should contact the St. Louis Police.


  • Katrina

    PLEASE Someone had to see something Do the right thing .U also can do it without being id IF this was your child You would want answers

  • Joe suburbs

    What an utter shame, the kid was inside his own home. Unless you have no other choice, Im not sure why anyone with children lives in the city of St louis, its a horribly violent and unsafe place, makes me sick to my stomach, fu***ng savages

  • MsWellDone

    The problem is not the people coming forward, the problem is the police telling the accused killers who came forward.
    The police make it hard for good samaritans to come forward and say what they saw.
    If there’s 3 people in a room, and 1 is a good samaritan and 2 are cops, and the good samaritan comes forward and tells on a murder suspect, and ends up dead in 2 days with the label of a snitch, its obvious the police are NO help in these communities.
    So most people shut their blinds and turn their heads.

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