Woman dies at underground Crystal City rave

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Crystal City Underground - Image courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CRYSTAL CITY, Mo. (AP) – An investigation is underway after a young woman died following an electronic music concert in Crystal City, Missouri.

The victim’s name has not been released. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the woman died during the concert this weekend at the Crystal City Underground.

An attorney for the venue says he believes the woman died outside the facility early Sunday. The concert began Saturday night and continued until about 4:00 a.m. Sunday. About 4,000 people attended.

The venue is in a former silica mine, about a square mile underground.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch


    • kraftig

      Linda have you ever played the game rabbit hole ? Well you take a hammer and when the rabbit shows his head you hit him back down then two more pop up you hit them three more pop up……get the idea !

    • David Toms

      Really…pookie on the corner of grand and dodier…go lock him up…and he is just one of about a thousand in st. louis city alone….get real

      • Lloyd Braun

        I would start with the trailer park meth labs to find the drug dealers that are all over Franklin, Wash, St Francois Co

  • Chris Henderson

    Heroine is how you spell it …. and how can you be a square mile underground?
    No one is legalizing harmful drug.
    You need to be informed if you are going to open your mouth about it.
    No deaths have ever been linked to marijuana, thousands of good things have been linked to it.

  • Kay

    First I would like that say it must be horrifying for this woman’s family, I feel for them & my prayers go out to them. Now as I was reading the comments there was a couple of comments that just blew my mind….. Has anybody that has commented ever been to a rave?? The top 3 drugs related to raves…. 1) ecstasy also known as X 2) acid 3) Molly….. Which all three could cause an overdose easily not so easy to do with some weed though!!
    Who knows this girl could have mixed all kinds of drugs together!

  • Madi Kaufmann

    Hello i am actually a very good friend of hers and her family. Everything you guys are saying is so incredibly false. The article was completely false. SHE DID NOT DO HEROIN OR ACID OR EXSTACY i cant believe how incredibly rude some of you people are. and i cant believe reports to post a story without permission from the family or even giving them their chance to grieve. I am so apalled by society. Anything to make a buck. Karma is a b****

    • Finn the Raver

      I’m so sorry for everyone that was close to her. I was there that night and she came up to me and said how adorable I was and I told her she was hot :-) Glad I got a chance to make her smile. As for the rest of the people on here, you all have never been in that environment! How can you say anything about it? Heroin?!?!?! Have you ever done heroin and tried to dance? IMPOSSIBLE! Our community is very tight with one another and stick up for each other. Know some facts before you spew your “knowledge” all over the web

  • Aaron Kunzweiler

    The comments I’m reading are just absurd. This was my best friend and she was an amazing beautiful young woman.

  • Jessica Girard

    the fact that the family is still in the dark is not right! not only should these news people be ashamed but those of you who did not know her AT ALL should also be ashamed. this wonderful woman was a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend to so many. she was a person who was loved and loved with her whole heart. how dare any of you judge her or presume that you know what happened. think before you speak and know that your words affect those who knew this amazing woman who is and will forever be missed!!!

  • jami

    I feel for her friends and family…may god keep her….we all know that certain drugs and MDMA can cause the body to over heat thats y drinking water is constant for dehydration….we all have used some form of a drug in our lives and that includes perscriptions ans some are class 2…..im 42 and i have done my share while going to clubs when i was younger…this girl should be prayed for and not made out tobe a addict…it could of been her first time for all we know…..we all make choices whether right or wrong…i thank god everyday im alive…it only takes one bad one…or health condition.O:-)

  • Love above all else

    How very tragic. Regardless, this young woman had a family and friends who loved her very much. Regardless of what may have took her life, it didn’t take away the contribution she made to life. Unfortunately, some people are so very willing to jump on the fact that it may or may not have been drugs. Alot of assumptions going on and the promoter trying to protect their behind and the venue.

    How fortunate it is that her name is not mention. For that I am very grateful. The facts will not be straight until her toxicology reports come back which takes 6 -8 weeks. In the meantime, PLEASE give this family some respect as the grieve this young woman’s passing. Imagine if this was your loved one, how would all of this make you feel. On top of losing someone, now they have to deal with the media and everyone adding their comments to a very personal and tragic loss. AND they are still as much in the dark as everyone else. PLEASE give them respect and save your assumptions til the truth comes out… it always does in the end.

  • melinda

    for everyones information, you all are a bunch of fucking idiots ridiculing the loss of a very beautiful life. you all should be ashamed of yourselves that this is all you have to talk about, talking down on an individual you know nothing about. don’t you all have something better to be doing? alcohol is legal and sooo many people drink and drive and kill others all the time but you don’t hear about that everytime it happens.

  • Lloyd Braun

    Do people in these rural Missouri counties have nothing better to do than have underground drug parties in caves?

  • Jessica Girard

    Lloyd Braun how dare you make these kind of comments. this wonderful woman has a family and how dare you make light of such a tragic situation. all of you who are thinking that you are helping by stating that you know what happened please stop. the FAMILY still does not fully know what happened to her so how could you. just stop!!! unless you condolences to give just keep your comments to yourself!!!

  • Madi Kaufmann

    She didnt do Molly or exstacy She actually was one of the few people who raved who didnt take a copious amount of drugs. She didnt overdose on heroin. She didnt have a boyfriend to be buying anything at a show. She isnt a mother. everyone here has all their facts incredibly wrong.

  • James

    I found a little white lighter on the ground there. I wonder if she dropped it. I wonder if I had not been smoking and drinking myself..if I could have met her..dated her..saved her..the answer to the parking was buses. I noticed an ambulance and fire truck amongst the buses. We all just complained about the wait..no one I spoke to had a clue what had or was happening. We just sat around the fire..while she died. Live Jesus in our hearts

  • Lloyd Braun

    I see someone has wiped out most of my comments about being responsible and not making excuses for taking excessive drugs have been deleted for some odd reason. Its a shame that this web site apparantly employs censorship.

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