Faithful flocking to Indiana church to view “miracle”

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GRIFFITH, IN — In Griffith Indiana, the faithful are coming to view a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Mary’s Church, that some say has them believing more than ever in their faith.

The believers say a statue of the 4-foot tall statue recently acquired a tear-stained cheek.

On Monday students from St. Mary’s came out of church after confession, paused at the statute to pray and noticed what they reported as a tear on the face that has created a stain that runs down her cheek.

Ever since then word began to spread and visitors near and far have been flocking to see firsthand.

They take pictures, they talk among themselves and they pray.

The parish pastor Father Theodore Mens, who did not want to go on camera, says he is a little skeptical. He says there must be a natural explanation, be it the cold or the the melting of the snow.

But if the statute brings people closer to God then he’s okay with it.

By Patrick Elwood


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Sounds like the pastor has a better grip on reality than most of the lost sheep in his church! At least HE sees there is likely a very simple, natural explanation. Even HE doesn’t believe this phony “miracle”.

    The biggest miracle here is that there are so many people ignorant and unrealistic enough to believe this is a miracle.

    Oh, well, the nice thing about life in America is you are free to believe whatever stupid, unproven man-made story to defend your selfish belief you are better than other people!

  • voiceofreason

    I think the priest is right on this one, but people who post hateful mean spirited comments are the worst and I feel sorry for you and those who must put up with your hate in real time. Who has a “selfish belief you are better than other people!” ??? Talk about a pot calling a kettle black!

  • michelle

    Good grief people ! It’s a stain ! Maybe a bird was in that tree above it ! Pray anyway, but don’t use a stain as a reason to do it.

  • Seret Obol

    I thought she was supposed to cry tears of blood. It’s like she’s not even trying anymore…. I’m disappointed.

    • Ted Watley

      You are absolutely right Nancy. Come to my house and worship my vision of Moses in my Rice Krispies bowl. Let us kneel together and pray to Yahweh.

  • Donna Walls

    What’s left after we stop believing? Seeking one’s own truth, rather than looking for comfort in fairytales.

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