Missouri House bill bans punishment for using toy guns

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri students could use food, pencils or their hands to imitate a gun without penalty under legislation endorsed by the state House.

The bill advanced Wednesday would shield students from discipline of fines for “simulating a weapon while playing.”

Sponsoring Republican Rep. Mike Kelley, of Lamar, says he was motivated by the Maryland case of a Baltimore second-grader suspended last year for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun.

Opponents say the legislation could allow some students to encourage violence among their peers.

The measure would allow students to be disciplined for causing bodily harm, disrupting a learning environment or creating a serious threat. It needs one more vote before moving to the Senate.


Guns is HB1539


Legislature: http://www.moga.mo.gov

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Is our Missouri House a fully owned and operated division of the NRA? Sure seems like it – phony, unnecessary and dangerous pro-gun law after pro-gun law. Is that all those rural Republicans do in the House – think of new pro-gun laws, in between tax breaks for the wealthy?

    Sure seems like it.

    While I admit, the act of playing with a gun can be pretty innocent and this is a rather petty thing to be dealing with – but still, why does any NRA gun nutcase think instilling guns in our culture is anything but a bad idea? In this case, it’s easy to see how “playing out” shooting people with a gun can later turn into really shooting people with a gun – our schools have had that happen enough that they have a RIGHT to make themselves free of a gun culture or references to gun.

    And THAT’S the right – a HUMAN RIGHT – that is being trampled in the United States right now. BS about individual right to carry being protect by the Constitution – that’s just wrong as there is no direct reference to that. It’s just the current extreme-right interpretation, which someday needs to go. Meanwhile, what about the RIGHT of the rest of us to be FREE of the threat of guns and violence?

    It’s time the rest of us start to become vigilant about asserting OUR rights to be FREE of guns.

    • Chief

      Please tell the rest of us (oh wise ByeBye) why you don’t just move out of this country and go somewhere your “comments” would not be frowned upon and actually appreciated? Don’t you get sick and tired of the continual abuse you seem to continually want to inflict on yourself?

    • Steven Sweeney

      Seems like you forgot the right to free speech and the NRA doesn’t sell pop tarts. Denying a child an education that they have a right to, is as communist and foolish as your post.When people are robbed and murdered with fingers and pop tarts you may have a case, but until then, you’re just another left wing loudmouth devoid of common sense.

  • Byebyetotherite

    I would move, but I won’t be able to collect as much disability benefits in any other country. I’m payed to sit, why move?

  • dakota1gal

    Hmmm, I wasn’t aware of any written law that we have a RIGHT to be FREE of the threat of guns. Guns are not the enemy. It’s the person behind the guns that is the enemy. Furthermore, how in the heck did you draw a line between this vote on a completely senseless and silly conclusion (deciding that eating a poptart into a specific shape would warrant suspension), is connected to the NRA in any way whatsoever? I realize that these comments are where we put our opinion but, please, make some sense when doing so.

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