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Mother of 5 captures man on video exposing himself at laundromat

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SPANISH LAKE, MO (KTVI) - A north St. Louis County woman is feeling violated after an incident at a laundromat. She says a man exposed himself to her, while she was there with her children.

It all started around 3:45 Monday morning, when Regina White came to Coin Laundry on Redman Road with her two youngest children, to wash school uniforms. She explains, “My boys had run out of school clothes, they had gotten down to their last pairs, and they had to go to school in a few hours, so I decided to come and wash their clothes for them.”

She saw a silver Chevy pull out of the parking lot, then later, pull back in. Then the driver followed White and her two children inside. “He was acting really weird, so I took the boys back out to the car, and I strapped them into their seats, turned the light on and locked them in the car. And I proceeded to take the laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer, and he stood behind me, making me feel really uncomfortable,” she says.

No matter what time of day, she feels she shouldn't have been exposed to what she believes she saw next: “He sat directly behind me, and began to touch himself. And I wasn’t really for sure that that’s what he was doing, so I grabbed my phone and I turned my camera on, and went to take a look after getting the video, and that’s exactly what he was doing.”

She walked out without looking him in the eye and called police. According to St. Louis County Police, three squad cars responded to the scene, but the man was already gone. Police are still investigating, and this man remains at large. That makes this mother of five very uneasy. She says, “I’m just very upset, because things of this nature should not happen. And this is a family laundromat, we’ve been coming here for a long time. I felt very at home, and now I don’t feel that way.”

No one at Coin Laundry was available for comment


  • Sorry u have to go to laundromat

    Um, the freaks come out at night?

    Hope you and your kids stay safe. Sorry there are nasty people in the world. Does their school have any extra uniforms kids have outgrown that your kids could have?

  • Veronica

    Can you post a pic of the man’s face? I was there the next night at 4am and there was a man sleeping there, with a silver car.

    • Peewee

      Veronica, wouldn’t a picture of his talliwacker be more useful in this instance? Maybe he can be identified if he has a distinctive mole or something. I wonder if they are going to have this woman view a lineup to identify this guy….yikes

  • Lloyd Braun

    Can I make a practical suggestion? How about doing your wash during the day or early evening rather than 4 in the morning?

    • Joe Davola

      Carol, if he is scratching his lap area, that could easily be mistaken as a sexual act upon a quick glance, that’s all I’m saying.

  • b

    No she had time in day but waited , the drags kids at 3:30 am to do laundry that shoulda been done already. “i noticed all thier clothes were dirty” daaa. Is that helping kids? I can hear teacher, yea thier failing they seem tired unless thier clothes are dirty” Guys a wierdo but shes low inteligence.

  • b

    Theres not a such thing as “family place” at 3:30 am in ghetto spanish lake for the idiots on here that dont understand.

    • Miss. White

      Next time wash them for her an then u won’t have to worry yo ugly little head about…K!! *From her loving sister

    • Joe Davola

      That’s a stooopid comment Josh. A lot of people can’t afford a washer and dryer. And you don’t “get” income taxes. You PAY income taxes. The only question is how much you pay in income tax. Obviously, you have never earned enough money to understand what income tax even is you dummy.

    • Joe Davola

      You only “get a refund” if you had more taxes withheld than the income tax you owe Josh the Burger Flipper. This is clearly way over your head Joshy, so get back to sweeping that floor at Jack in the Box, and maybe someday you will earn enough money to actually have to file a tax return you nincompoop.

      • Steven Sweeney

        You have OBVIOUSLY never done a tax return. Between the jock itch and refund blunders I completely understand your seinfeld aliases..Even a “jack in the box” employee wouldn’t have made such hack mistakes..Mommy needs to home school you a LOT better!

      • Joe Davola

        little teeny weeny sweeney with the small little eeny. Sweeney and Joshy must be lovers. One doesn’t understand income taxes and the other doesn’t understand what an illegal alien is. lol

  • Ann

    living in north county doubt she was paying anything on income taxes with 5 kids , let be honest she got money back.

    • Joe Davola

      Ann is obviously dating Josh. Ann, I highly recommend you set your sights higher. Joshy is not going to be able to afford much of a ring earning minimum wage at that Jack in the Box.

      • Steven Sweeney

        You can change your name all you like, but your stupidity is permanent. You can’t measure a mile or income taxes, and confuse jock itch with self service.Sounds like you have more issues than publishers clearing house.good luck at the puppet show.Tell mommy you need some blue star ointment. And save the nursery rhymes for your next “campfire jamboree”

      • Joe Davola

        I’m not sure which is smaller, teeny weeny sweeney’s brain, or his wittle twig. Both require a microscope to see.

  • Ann

    but thats all beside the point what are you and your kids doing at the laundry mat at 3:45 in the morin do that the night before

  • Ann

    Joe maybe with all that money you make you can help her buy a washer and dryer since you seem to have all the money honey!

    Annual income (£) One child Two children Three children
    0 7,235 9,985 12,740
    5,250 7,235 9,985 12,740
    9,850 6,630 9,385 12,135
    10,000 6,570 9,320 12,075
    15,000 4,520 7,270 10,025
    20,000 2,470 5,220 7,975
    25,000 420 3,170 5,925
    30,000 0 1,120 3,875
    35,000 0 0 1,825
    40,000 0 0 1,275

    & if she is maken more then 40k a year & she cant afford a washer and dryer she needs to take some financial classes… hell she can even buy my old set i have for $100 for both!

  • Ann

    Annual income — One child –Two children —Three children

    0 —- 7,235 —- 9,985 —- 12,740
    5,250 —- 7,235 —- 9,985 —- 12,740
    9,850 —- 6,630 —- 9,385 —- 12,135
    10,000 —- 6,570 —- 9,320 —- 12,075
    15,000 —- 4,520 —- 7,270 —- 10,025
    20,000 —- 2,470 —- 5,220 —- 7,975
    25,000 —- 420 —- 3,170 —- 5,925
    30,000 —- 0 —- 1,120 —- 3,875
    35,000 —- 0 —- 0 —- 1,825
    40,000 —- 0 —- 0 —- 1,275

    • Joe Davola

      We don’t need you to reprint the tax tables here Ann. See, the point is, little Joshy doesn’t understand what income tax even means. You two are a match made in heaven.

  • Fart

    Joe has too much free time on his hands, what a joke this guy has made of himself. I cant’t wait to hear his signature half-wit rhyme & who i’m a perfect match for.

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