Nixa sales tax proposal falls 5 votes short

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NIXA, MO (AP) – The Nixa City Council is expected to seek a recount after a sales tax proposal failed during Tuesday’s election by five votes.

Unofficial results showed the proposal for a half-cent sales tax received a majority of the vote, 1,735 to 1,310. However, it needed five more votes to match the required four-sevenths supermajority to pass.

The council voted Wednesday to start the process of asking for a recount.

The Springfield News-Leader reports city staff projected the sales tax would generate $7.7 million over a decade before expiring in 2025. The city said the revenue would be used for park construction, renovation, improvements to the U.S. 160 and Missouri 14 intersection and sidewalk projects.

Information from: Springfield News-Leader,


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Wow, this IS odd this sales tax passed.

    Every sales or property tax increase in just about every city on just about everything passed the other day. Notice that?

    More proof what a horribly and pathetically confused bunch of idiots most Americans have become. Sure, whine about high taxes, then keep voting more in on yourself! What idiots!

    Next a majority of voters will be voting to have their own fingernails pulled off.

    It makes about as much sense as passing another sales or property tax increase.

    Note the only tax that NEVER goes up, though – never even a proposal: INCOME taxes where the RICH pay more.

    I’ll be if they put a higher INCOME tax for HIGHER INCOME BRACKETS on the ballot, it would pass by a far larger margin. But we’ll never get THAT chance, will we?

    Of COURSE not! Our government is owned and tightly controlled by the rich and privileged, and they’re just not as stupid as the average dimwit Missouri BillyBob, to vote against THEIR own interests.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Oooops – first sentence above SHOULD be: “Wow, this IS odd this sales tax FAILED.” Important distinction!

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