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Woman thrown from car on southbound Hwy 141

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) - Police say one woman was thrown from her car on southbound Highway 141 near Page Avenue around 7:10am Thursday.

Police say her car left the road, then while trying to return, her car overturned and she was ejected.

Witnesses stayed with the woman until emergency crews arrived. She was taken to an area hospital and is now reported in stable condition.

Traffic was backed for a time.


  • Trinity Morgan

    Hmmm..Just wondering how this could have happened, This car rolls 3 times and this woman was able to call for help herself, makes me wonder how handy was the cell phone? If you car rolls 3 times your car contents are sll scrambled throughout the car, but yet she could have her phone handy….maybe it was handy because she had it in her hand at the time of the wreck? Talking on it, maybe texting?? Just a thought! I am asking this cause in the video it shows a responder unzipping her purse to get her identification out, if her phone was in her purse and she had to get it out the normal reaction wouldn’t be to zip your purse back up. Just hope if this is the case that this woman has learned her lesson that talking on the phone/texting is a huge distraction, and she is lucky this time that she survived and didn’t hurt any other innocent person!

  • Angus McGee

    That is a good point, the story also states she was thrown from the car? Some one had to have the phone in their hand! It is a shame that “some People” just don’t get that driving requires your FULL attention. She is very lucky to not have involved other mortorist. It couldn’t have been weather related either the streets are dry, the sun rises in the east, 141 runs north and south. I sure hope that this lady realizes how lucky she truly is and learns from whatever happened.

  • Bianca

    Wow….already judging this person??? Were you there in the car??My prayers go out to this person, no matter WHAT the circumstances. And no…I don’t text and drive!

  • Jerry W Scantlan

    Probably had her cell phone stored where a lot of women store them, down the front of her shirt.

  • Robin

    I don’t test/talk and drive but I ALWAYS have my phone handy in my pocket. Also, I don’t know anyone (women in particular) who keeps their phone in their shirt.??

  • Davis Parker

    I was watching the news this morning when this story broke, and I am still wondering what happened I am glad that there is an investigation. So many different details.
    1. News reporters said she was still seat belted in the car and phoned for help herself.
    2. Now it is reported she was laying in the middle of the road.
    3.And then reported that she was found laying on the side of the road found by 2 other passerbys.
    Ok, regardless of how she was found any of the scenario’s listed above have a problem with them.
    1. No seat belt on if thrown from car.
    2.Distracted driver
    Driving is not a right you get when you are 16 or older, it is a privilege that is earned by testing and following rules, whether it be a motorcycle, car or truck.We all share the road and your upmost attention is to be directed to the road and people around you not to phones, ipads, tablets or computers.
    I hope the lady comes through just fine. I am not pointing any fingers but there are a lot of different reports on this crash, let the investigators do there job and get to the actual cause then report the results.

  • Mr. Hayes

    First, let us pray for the driver of the vehicle. 2nd, the world is so quick to Judge people. Judment belongs to the Father in Heaven. So with that being said, lets see what the investagators come up with. AMEN.

  • Ellie

    First you shouldn’t judge if you were not there. I was and called the police through on star emergency she was unconscious in the right traffic lane and bleeding. Several people protected her with their cars until police arrived. I was badly shaken up seeing an unconscious woman lying in the street at 7:15 am.

    • Concerned Neighbor

      Ellie…thank you for what you did. This is a neighbor of mine and she has a daughter in high school they relies on her and needs her mother. My understanding at this point is she fell asleep while driving, something which I have done myself in an area close to there…luckily I woke up before I hit the median and was not injured. In this world there are so demands on everyone to work and take care of families and it’s not easy to find a good job either. I’m not saying this woman was a saint and did everything right, she did not. She was not wearing her seat belt, but with a car rolling 3 times they aren’t sure that it might not have been a blessing in this case.

      Ellie did an incredible thing in this case, as did the other motorists that stopped and helped. The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves for making your snide comments about someone you don’t even know. We all do stupid things when we drive, we make mistakes, but they are called accidents for a reason and this woman almost lost her life for an accident. If she would have called in to her new job that morning because she was so horribly tired, as her boss, would you same people have understood and asked her to stay home so she didn’t risk others lives? Do each of you go to bed at the right time each night and get the correct amount of sleep? Could you do that as a single parent with a new job?

      Don’t judge others unless you are prepared to be judged yourself and so harshly. Be ashamed that you all sat here and nitpicked this woman and judged her instead of taking that same time to help someone around you in need.

  • Connie McKee

    A better heading would be “Woman Ejected from vehicle on Southbound Hwy 141”. “Thrown” was misleading.

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