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Beyonce’s “thigh gate” goes viral

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(KTVI) – Everyone loves to share pictures from vacation. Beyonce shared, and now the online world is in a heated debate.

Two pictures of the super star on the golf course, wearing a bikini are now being examined for evidence of being Photoshopped.

Take a look for yourself. Does it look like someone altered the second photo to make it look like Beyonce has “thigh gap”?

This space between a woman’s thighs is being blamed for many girls and women taking to drastic dieting and exercising to achieve this somewhat unobtainable goal. Some fans posted below Beyonce’s post accusing her of adding to the pressure, while other fans said the star has better things to do while on vacation than edit photos.


  • J. Wright

    I thought golf was a classy sport, put some clothes on and shoes, looks like a high, homeless person wandered on the course

    • Steven Sweeney

      It wouldn’t surprise me if she was shallow enough to fake the pix.After all, she faked the national anthem and gave a private concert to a dictator.Throw in the fact she’s married to a 5% punk and it all fits together.

      • Joe Davola

        There is no doubt after reading teeny weeny sweeney’s comments that he has never been with a black woman. They would laugh hysterically at the size of his teeny package. Why do all right wingers have small dix?

    • Wright is Wrong

      Wright, she’s at a resort putting green you dipwad. She’s goofing around which is why she’s in shorts and bare feet. She’s not golfing 18 holes on a championship course. Can’t you see the pool right there idiot? Do you think Augusta has a pool in the middle of their fairways? What a moooooron.

  • Joe Davola

    Who cares about a thigh gap, all I know is that is some delicious brown sugar. Just look at that nice round rump!

  • Stephanie

    Photoshop or not, she’s a beautiful and talented person. What a trivial thing to make headlines with.

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