Protestor throws shoe at Hillary Clinton

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(KTVI) - It was a close call for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  A protestor hurled her shoe and it goes flying above Clinton's head.

The Secret Service quickly arrested the woman.  Mrs. Clinton was in Las Vegas for a scrap recycling meeting.  She joked saying she didn't know waste management was so controversial and said, "thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did."


  • 2cents

    she likes to recycle allright so her and eric holder can make gun recievers with no serial numbers to arm cartels and terrorist countries was the protester only wearing one shoe?

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Typical NRA gun fanatic – can’t spell or write legible sentences. Just the usual right-wing senseless babbling about arming terrorist countries and various psych hangups about guns. I have a suggestion where you can conceal yer gun for ya.

      • 2cents

        if your suggested place to conceal my weapon is up your arse im all for it im pro gun responcible this bish is putting them in the wrong hands even tho you subie is fast i still disslike the fact you didnt buy american and i voted to up the fees on the soul train just to make you misserable reed that tool

  • Jim Crum

    Her reaction time is lousy for someone who supposedly played softball. The same people who thought this was so funny when it happened to Bush are now appalled that someone would do this to their favorite Bimbo.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Was this some Muslim terrorist religious extremist, unhappy that their good, close personal friend George Bush isn’t in power any more, so they can’t attack us like they did when Bush allowed it?

    Or just another wacked out American right-wing terrorist, religious extremist?

    Same thing, really. Guns. Check. Religion. Check. Hey, the American far-right IS the same as Muslim terrorists. Just a different name for god, that’s all.

    • 2cents

      people like you really believe the 25ft whole in the pentagon was caused by a 747 you need your 1st amendment right taken away

    • Steven Sweeney

      Wrong as usual.The far left has always produced terrorists and presidential assassins. Obama loves those middle eastern jihadists and is even trying to appoint the ring leader of the iranian hostage takers to the UN. Weather underground, Bill ayers, jane fonda, patty hearst, ALL lefties.And don’t forget that wonderful muslim brotherhood that Bath house Barry gave billions and jets and tanks to. Religious extremists are always left, even westboro’s fred phelps ran for gov and sen as a DEMOCRAT! Bye bye you have a lower batting average than the cubs! worst male stewardess ever!

  • softballgirl9

    HILLARY CLINTON 2016!!!! Who cares what y’all say!! The more y’all ignorants say about Hillary,, is pure jealous Republicans voters! HILLARY will make an AMAZING PRESIDENT!

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