Tapes: Florida theater shooter lonely, but confident in self-defense claim

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 (CNN) — Florida theater shooting suspect Curtis Reeves is lonely but confident that his self-defense claim will result in his acquittal, according to jailhouse phone calls released by the state attorney’s office.

According to CNN affiliate, Bay News 9, the 71-year-old, who is being held without bail on a second-degree murder charge, also tells his daughter he’s concerned about the family’s finances.

“I’m more worried about you all than I’m worried about me,” he says.

“And we’re more worried about you than we are worried about us,” Jennifer Shaw, his daughter, responds.

“Well, if all the facts come out we all should be in good shape.”

“I know, but we just hate that you have to be in there right now.”

In January, Reeves and his wife were attending a showing of “Lone Survivor” at a Wesley Chapel movie theater. Reeves left the theater to report to management that the man in front of him, Chad Oulson, was texting during the previews. When he returned the two exchanged words.

Video from the scene appears to show Oulson snatching Reeves’ popcorn off his lap and throwing it at him. Reeves responds instantaneously with a single, fatal gunshot. A preliminary hearing suggested the case will come down to whether a jury believe Reeves was intimidated by Oulson and acted in self-defense, or if Reeves overreacted to Oulson texting.

In the jailhouse tapes, Reeves tells his daughter she can sell some of the family’s belongings if necessary.

“If we need money, sell the motorcycle, motorcycle trailer, the kayaks, the trailer and –”

Shaw cuts him off: “We have all that under control. We’re not even going to talk about it. Don’t waste your time.”

In another moment captured on tape, his young granddaughter greets him with a “Hi!”

“Hey sweetheart, this is Pawpaw. Pawpaw loves you,” Reeves said.

“Can you tell grandpa ‘I love you’?” Shaw asks the child. Her age is not clear, but her voice is that of a very young girl.

“Pawpaw, love you,” the granddaughter says.

By CNN Staff

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Well, he’s probably confident because he’s in Florida where a LOT of like-minded old redneck hicks like himself live, and it is Florida where they seem to think it’s okay to shoot anybody that looks funny, and after all cold-blooded, trouble-making George Zimmerman walked scott free because that black kid was a threat to him after George accosted and assaulted him (well, ya gotta agree, had George not had his big gun with him, he, like most NRA rednecks, would have been beaten so bad they wouldn’t have forgotten it, but then again, Big George probably wouldn’t have been “man enough” to face that black teen WITHOUT his gun so having the gun really caused the whole problem – don’t expect you NRA sheep to understand that, though.)

    So, if there’s anywhere on the planet primitive and simple-minded enough to think he had a right to shoot to kill over a theater argument or a popcorn toss, it’s Florida. Maybe he’ll be lucky as George Z. and have a couple of dimwit hick “redneck women” on the jury!

    Personally, I hope this guy gets life. And hope they take his lifetime welfare handout – his police pension – away, too – why should we continue to pay thugs like this for lifetime just for 20 years of handing out speeding tickets?

    But it’s America, so the chance of there being justice in this case is pretty slim.

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