Megan Meier Foundation honors those fighting bullying

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - A nine year old who sold tee shirts to help fight bullying was among those honored Saturday night by the Megan Meier Foundation during its annual Celebration Gala held Saturday at the Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center.

Jordan Reynolds is a third grader who learned about anti-bullying efforts from his mixed martial arts teacher Jermaine Andre. Jordan set up a web site and by selling tee shirts raised $403, which he donated to the Megan Meier Foundation. Andre was also honored during the gala for his ongoing efforts to teach kids that bullying is wrong and to help them build up their self-confidence through fitness and mixed martial arts training.

The Megan Meier Foundation honors the memory of Megan Meier, a St. Charles County student who was cyberbullied to the point of committing suicide. Her mother, Tina Meier operates it. Meier says the movement is growing.

“Students and other adults are really stepping in and saying it is not okay to belittle people; it is not okay to cyberbully people and it is not okay that kids feel there is nowhere to go.”

The Foundation’s marquee award , The Voice of Inspiration, went to Gary VanMeter, executive Director of Missouri United School Insurance Council for his support of the Megan Meier Foundation in its early years.

Four high school students were honored during the dinner for their efforts in their own schools to fight bullying. Chloe Nelson, BreAnna Legan, Brooke Blyth and Samantha Caraway each received a scholarship. Jani Simpson was recognized with The Voice of Compassion award.

Well known entertainer Lady Gaga was recognized for her anti-bullying campaign through her Born This Way Foundation, although she did not appear at the dinner.

Fox 2’s Sports Director Martin Kilkoyne served as emcee and auctioneer.
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  • Steven Sweeney

    Good for them! There’s too many people out there that hide behind a computer screen and say the most horrible things.Some of them have even got smarter and used Seinfeld aliases to hide their identity due to cowardice, or to hide the fact they’re a registered offender.Regardless, keep up the good work and keep up the fight to stop man’s inhumanity to man.

  • Natasha

    My 10 year old, I believe, is being bullied at school and on Instagram. No one else seems to think so. Help!! The school isn’t doing anything!!

    • Lisa

      My fifth grader is also being bullied at school. Since it’s social bullying and not physical the school thinks it is just “misunderstandings”. The girls lie and say they don’t mean what they say and they want to be friends with my daughter. I have met with the teachers and then the principal and superintendent. None of it has worked. The girls are still horrible. My next step is the school board and possibly a lawyer. We are going to have my daughter start a club to volunteer with other kids. It is something positive she can look forward to and I think it will also be therapeutic.

  • Stacie RN

    Teach your daughters to learn to ignore it. Bullying has been around since way before I was even born but just now we are seeing a surge in the suicides and publicized hurt feelings. Yes, bullying is wrong, but it will happen for the rest of time and in their adult lives. Teach them how to ignore it and move on or they will never survive.

    • Natasha

      Teaching them to ignore it is not fixing the situation. These girls/boys need to be held accountable for their actions.

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