Downtown music festivals contract approved by Board of Aldermen

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Rock the vote. The St. Louis Board of Alderman approved the bill to allow mega concerts to come downtown over the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Some people have raised concerns because of the bill's non-compete clause.

But how much money will the concerts bring to the city? We’re talking about millions each year being injected into the city’s coffers.

However, some people have questioned whether the huge summer rocks concert series is worth the terms of the deal.

At Market and Tucker, the Gateway Mall is the area where the concerts would be held.

The contract will be with Los Angeles-based ICM Partners. Summer Rocks LLC is affiliated with that company.

ICM represents artists and is involved in events like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

The deal before city leaders will bring major country concerts downtown over Memorial Day weekends and big time rock concerts over Labor Day weekends.

A sticking point has been the non-compete clause in the contract which could run up to 20 years.

The deal would prevent some other music events from taking place downtown over Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, those events would have to be for profit and similar in size to Summer Rocks which many say is unlikely.

A board of alderman member said before the vote, he expected the bill to pass easily.

The first concert could be held this Labor Day, but that could be tough with coordinating musician's schedules. The first concert would more likely be next year.

Details of this deal started unfolding not long after the city lost the Taste of St. Louis and the Blues Week festival to Chesterfield.

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  • Ed Golterman

    The trashing of Soldiers Memorial. Just vote NO. This is your historic civic center,the region’s historic civic center. Dont sell it off, you’ve sold off too much of St. Louis, you or your predecssors, or given it away.

  • morrow

    Louis Reed and the rest will vote for this just like they did the North Side deal and Paul Mckee. This guy got the green light almost a year and a half ago and still there is no development and he still don’t have financing. I would really like to know how many property tax paying residents moved out of the city when Mckee bought their homes. This music festival doesn’t look to be a family oriented event like the Taste of St Louis, all i see is a bunch of folks walking around with shirts off and looking drunk. The city has an entertainment department that needs to step up to the plate and start a homegrown venue like the one we lost. Not one of these Alderpeople will be at this deal. Phyllis Young is talking about how nice it will be for the city, but look at the ad and look at Phyllis, she won’t be there.

    • Ed Golterman

      Keep; it east of Tucker along the wide open Mall and onto the Arch grounds, not west of Tucker. Now with this settled, and Village opened get municipal courts building at 14th and market upgraded and filled-May be Lawrence Group, and Barb Geisman you forgot the parking garage for the opera house. Do that now, across 14th. That was part of the deal.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Big money. Big business. And government today! What’s not to like about our new “socialist welfare for wealthy businesspeople” state America has invented these last 14 years!

    So of COURSE the aldermen would approve this! Any doubts they would? Who CARES about fairness? Who CARES about property rights, or the taxes us “little” working people pay to support the welfare habits of the rich and greedy?

    So ON with the show!

    Doesn’t matter to me – I still won’t go downtown for ANY of their phony entertainment, whether it’s the latest phony country western star the record executives insist we like or the latest taxpayer waste of money at that Ballpark Village, I won’t be there.

    ‘Cause I just don’t care. There is and will remain PLENTY of venues for entertainment without going downtown, paying $20 to park, walking 5 miles and getting assaulted along the way.

    I just wish they would use their OWN money instead of MINE to pay for this fluff.

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