“Homeless Jesus” sculpture sparks debate

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DAVIDSON, NC (WGHP) – An artist in Canada has made a sculpture of Jesus that is quite unexpected for many people. The figure of a man huddled under a blanket, sleeping on a park bench with only his feet sticking out has brought prayers, and calls to 911.

The artwork has been placed outside St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in an affluent neighborhood. It is a memorial for a parishioner who loved public art.

While some people sit down and pray with the statue, others have been offended. Once person even called the police.

The artist hopes to have more castings placed outside churches in Washington, DC and Chicago.

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  • KB613

    This sculpture should be a wake-up call for us, to pray for and take care of those who don’t have the comfortable life we do. Why would someone freak out and call the police if they see a homeless man on a bench? People never cease to amaze me. Come on.

  • kathy moore

    if it was a real homeless person you should leave them alone. they have nothing so what else do you want to take from them what sleep for gods sake. try to be in their shoes then how would you feel . thank you very muck. been homeless it is not fun.

  • middleman

    Jesus said that foxes have holes, but the Son of Man had no place to lay His head. I don’t think the Lord would be offended by this. His kingdom is not of this world

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