Missouri set to tighten restrictions on undocumented immigrants

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(KTVI) - College could soon cost more for undocumented immigrants in Missouri. An amendment added to Missouri’s upcoming budget would keep public colleges and universities from offering in-state tuition to them.

Undocumented students already cannot receive state or federal financial aid in Missouri.


    • Kyle Nelson

      Sometimes the children are brought here with their illegal parents. Now that they are adults, its hard to deport them back to an area they are unfamiliar with.

      • Steven Sweeney

        Tough..Illegal is illegal..Millions of these criminals drain our schools, hospitals and social services.They have zero business here and the few that work take jobs away from law abiding American citizens..Use the military to enforce the borders like any other country, and deport or jail the criminal invaders..

  • "ME"

    “If America is a nation of laws as we proclaim, then our immigration laws are part of the package.”

    (Ted Nugent)

    Couldn’t agree more Ted!!

  • Sabrina

    If their parents snuck over the boarder for a better life. Then why won’t they learn English? Why would they wave the Mexican flag? Why do they get food stamps? Why do they want special privileges?

    • rose

      Couldn’t agree more, image what would happen if we went to another country to live, demanded free housing, free food, free medical, free education, fly an American flag in our free yard, and demand they have teachers that speak English to teach our children. I don’t think we would be seeing a pretty picture. If they did, they would be going broke as fast as every state in America for supporting illegals. OH yea, we want a drivers license and want to vote in their political elections, so we can vote for who will give us the most.

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