Passenger grazed by bullet at North St. Louis bus stop

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NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A 17-year-old man was waiting for a Metro bus Monday when he heard gunfire. He got on the bus, then realized he had been grazed by a bullet.

The bus driver called for an ambulance, which met the bus at another stop and checked the victim out. He is reported to be OK. There are no other injuries reported.

The bus stop is locate near the intersection of Kingshighway and Martin Luther King.

Police say they have identified a suspect, and have placed the suspect on the wanted list.


  • J. Wright

    Not again,its every day, you have a better chance of living in Afghanistan than on the Northside, call in the National Guard, why would anyone in their right mind choose to live there, get the Hell out!!!!!

  • Deborah Kyger Wheeler

    That is easier said than done. Having first & last month’s rent, plus deposit plus the transportation to actually move is beyond many people and not just on the North side. Some people live in homes on the North side that were / are owned by family bought years ago when the North side was a nice place to live. I work on the North side and haven’t had any problems and hopefully won’t. There are many good people here. Crime happens everywhere, have you paid attention to all the shootings on the South side? There are actually more shootings on the south side. I don’t know why these teenagers shoot each other, I wish I did.
    I feel so sorry for the families that have lost children because of all this, I also feel for the family of the shooter. My son was a victim of an attempted carjacking/robbery. He was shot and died instantly, I watched the family of the shooter in court and I can’t imagine how I would have felt if my son had done the crime.

  • rose

    Yep-but arm them, don’t put them in St.Louis unarmed like they did on the borders and at first in New Orleans after Katrina.

  • "ME"

    “There are hundreds of millions of patriotic, responsible, law abiding,
    Pro-2nd amendment, NRA card carrying American gun owners in this country who exercise good common sense every day! The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, gangs, and bad parents……period.”

    (Ted Nugent)

    Well stated Ted!

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