Police contact missing teen via internet video

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - The 19-year-old nursing student who seemingly vanished from a satellite campus of St. Charles Community College last month has been found safe. But there are still plenty of questions about the case of Bahia Bisharat, many of which will likely not be answered.

Deputies have been searching for the young woman since March 19th. Her family was vocal publicly in their fears she had been kidnapped. Deputies now say she simply left, and did so on her own. She was located by St. Charles’ cyber crimes unit. They found a user name on a website and though it might be her.

“It turns out it was her and we felt comfortable she left on her own accord, that she wasn’t in harm’s way and she just decided to leave,” sheriff’s department spokesman Lt. Dave Tiefenbrunn said.

She was hesitant to communicate with investigators, but agreed to take part in a video chat where they could see her and determine she was healthy and that no crime had been committed. But she would not tell them where she was.

“No, and we weren’t pressing the issue. She’s an adult. Our main concern with the investigation is to establish her safety and there’s no criminal activity involved. And we feel confident that’s the case.”

During the time she was missing, her family organized search parties and spoke often through reporters to the person or people she said she was “100% positive” had kidnapped her daughter.

Reached by phone Monday, Munira Quader declined to be interviewed, saying only, “She’s safe, and that’s what we care about.”

St. Charles Community College officials were faced with headlines of a possible kidnapping from a campus on their watch. They believed all along that was not the case, and that has now been proven, but it didn’t make their position any easier while Bisharat was missing.

“It is sometimes unrattling when someone perceives that we’re not as safe as we really are, and that was a little unnerving at times,” Campus Police Chief Bob Ronkoski said.

As to the “why” in all this, Ronkoski doesn’t seem worried about whether anyone will ever find out.

“I believe that’s a personal thing between her and her family and that does not involve us. What involves us is we did not have an incident on our campus and she is safe.”

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      • Todd Gack

        Well I was completely right about this situation. All you idiots out there who claimed she was abducted and kidnapped by a ring of international child molesters and felt the need to “pray in Jesus name” look pretty foolish now. I said with someone that pretty there is a relationship involved. Sure enough, looks like she ran away with a guy and got married. Her family is probably Muslim with strict rules, and she probably wants a more western lifestyle.Her relationship with her parents must be pretty strained for her to just leave a goodbye note in her car and take off. She is a gorgeous girl, looking forward to the inevitable adult movie title

    • Ken Bania

      It seems to me that maybe the parents of this adult child may not have been as forthcoming about what happened as they could have been. They kept pushing this sensationalist kidnapping theory, despite a “goodbye” note in her car and no other evidence of foul play (like a surveillance video which surely the school would have on the lot). Obviously there are some kind of problems or issues between the girl and the family, and if that was withheld from the police while they were organizing searches and telling the press she was kidnapped, that seems disingenuous at best and maybe an egregious waste of police resources that should be looked into. If you can’t keep track of your own child, don’t cry “kidnapping” right away to cover up your own issues with your daughter.

  • Tina

    Well when she gets back I think that she needs to be charged with a crime. Many hours have been spent by officials in this disappearance and she should be held accountable.

      • Kalen

        I agree! This isn’t like the 2005 “runaway bride” case. In that instance the runaway bride called her fiance and claimed she’d been kidnapped. According to the Police, Miss Bisharat left a note in her car that said, “Goodbye.” She’s not legally obligated to tell her family where she was headed. Most likely, she was running away from her family.

      • Todd Gack

        That shows again how STOOPID you really are teeny weeny Sweeny. She did not commit a crime. She did not file any missing persons report. She did not do anything except exercise her right as an adult woman to go somewhere of her choice and not tell her parents. What an idiot. Its amazing that you are on the wrong side of EVERY single issue in this forum. You really have to try hard to be that STOOOPID.

    • Just

      She didnt do anything illegal. She didnt make a false report. She is 19, and can do whatever she pleases. Just because her family filed a report. I feel for them, as she put undue worry on them. But none of us knows what the circumstances were for her leaving AND for not telling her family. And here in America, and as an American citizen, she has the right to just up and go anytime and anywhere she so desires. That includes not telling ANYONE that she is going. This isnt the USSR where you have to have special papers allowing you to travel.

      • Kalen Reichert

        I agree! It’s very likely that she fled from an abusive and/or controlling family situation. I’m just happy she appears to be OK to the police.

      • Todd Gack

        So Tina, I didn’t realize it was a crime to go run off with a boyfriend and get married. Tell us what crime she committed? People elope all the time. People run off to Vegas and get hitched every day. She didn’t report herself missing. Her family did. Her family should have told the police there was strained relations or conflicts between them. She’s an adult, she can do what she wants. And some lucky guy, or girl, has one heckuva hot babe.

    • STL

      SHE didn’t file a false report on herself. She’s an adult, if she feels she wants to go off and start a new life, etc., she has the right. Granted if she wanted to go away, she could have at least left a note for her family. But at the end of the day, she did nothing legally wrong.

  • Dani

    Hmm I wonder what could cause someone to just walk away from their entire life. But whatever it is, there is no excuse for her actions and not contacting someone sooner. Its things like that just tick me off. She could have called someone. Now all these resources were wasted searching for a grown women who decided to live on her own. She should have to pay that back. You cant say she didn’t know they were looking it was all over the news and not to meant I’m sure her family and friends were calling and messaging her like crazy hoping to hear something from her. No matter the excuse their are ways to handle things with out costing the state/city tax payers money searching for someone who doesnt want to be found.

    • richierichinrstlouis

      Easy thing to say without knowing the whole story. If she was trapped in a bad situation, at her age, she might have been afraid to talk to anyone. It’s clear she’s likely got problems at home and didn’t want to be found by her folks, even to the point of being afraid to talk to the police.

      Point is, we just don’t know. When more details are known, it’ll be a better time to judge the situation.

    • Justin

      Dani, your argument became invalid when you could not use “their” in the correct context! It is called proofreading…

  • Kimberly Hamilton

    Charged? Hope I never decide to up move out of the area/state without reporting to someone. Last I checked at 18 you’re a free adult! Some have smart thinking

  • Todd Gack

    Interesting that she didn’t have a cell phone or use debit cards per the earlier story. Meaning whoever she ran off with has money, since I doubt an 18 just turned 19 year old student going to nursing school is flush with cash. Maybe a sugar daddy involved?

  • Mary Sanders Hughes

    I am incredibly glad she has been located and all is well with her. I make no guesses as to why she did what she did nor do I make any judgements about how she went about it. Very happy that she wasn’t found dead in the woods during that search.

  • Michele

    Everyone is speculating and making assumptions. She may have run off with someone, she may have run away from her family, she may be in a Domestic Violence Shelter (I worked at one for 6 years…I can think of many scenarios)…..at this point it’s none of our business. Everyone wished and/or prayed that she was safe. Those wishes and prayers have apparently been answered. She didn’t break any laws. I’m happy she is alive and safe. End of story. She owes me no explanation, or anyone else other than the police, and it looks like she’s done that. If not telling us what happened is keeping her safe, so be it.

    • Ken Bania

      So Michele, you just criticized people for speculating, and then you go and speculate that she is in a domestic violence shelter???!! lol. The police said there was no crime committed and she was physically safe. Why would you then speculate that she has been physically injured and violated and is in need of protection? What an idiot. You just became the worst speculator here.

    • Just

      Michele, I agree with most of what you said… the point that she owes the police and explanation is false, she owes NO ONE an explanation. She may offer one to the police if she so desires, but it is in NO WAY a requirement.
      I’m more courious as to who contacted whom… her the police or the police to her. Most likely, the police reached out via social media and gave her the way to contact them and then she did just that. Kudos to her.

    • Todd Gack

      Michele, no prayers were answered, especially prayers done “in Jesus’ name” for this likely Muslim girl. She was never in any danger and was never kidnapped, abducted, raped, lost, or the victim of any crime. She left voluntarily of her own free will. The police confirmed no crime was committed and she was physically safe. So there were no prayers ever needed nor any answered. Do you pray for me whenever I leave my house to pick up some groceries of my own accord? See, your “prayers” meant nothing. She was an adult who decided to leave and go somewhere of her own choosing. Happens every day every single second.–and you can keep trying to get my comments deleted all you want, I will simply repost them threefold. idiots

      • Lloyd Braun

        Agree Todd. All this stuff about praying for her safe return when she voluntarily left with no foul play as many of us suspected was a complete waste of time, breath and keyboard nonsense.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    All the religious people in the area prayed – and THAT saved her!

    Yep – her parents are probably strict Muslim which means she was doomed to marrying a guy they selected, yet she realized quickly after living here that just being a cute 19-year-old girl can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so instead of now being controlled and manipulated by primitive religious kooks, she’s being controlled and manipulated by some wealthy guy!

    Just speculation, of course. But anybody who really works with folks in abusive situations knows it is too likely for victims to escape one abusive situation by getting involved in another one. So my premise is not that far out there – I’ll just bet it involves money (the true religion of America!)

    But I guess this is a happy ending, right? Only time will tell?

  • morrow

    Who knows what might have happen to her for wanting to marry her boyfriend or girlfriend. The foreign store owner on Shaw stabbed his beautiful high school daughter to death for dating a guy who happen to be black. I don’t believe his color had anything to do with it, these folks have arrange marriages and stuff. I don’t know tho, i’m just saying.

  • jasyca

    shes doing something wrong , if shes not way she dont tell the police from the first day?? why shes scared ??

  • Juls Sparkle

    She could have put a little more in the letter instead of causing Mass hysteria ….Like I am ok and I have the legal right to do as I please,,,Mom and Dad,,,Good bye….I mean come on,,she wanted to cause upset,,,…Never the less I am glad she is ok,,,,what a freakin mess!!!!

  • vrobinson

    You have got to be kidding me, this is really not fair to her family or the other young ladies that have really been kidnapped!!! She should be scared , ashamed an feel awful as the time she was missing some women out there have really been killed im disgusted by her an i dont really have anything nice to say besides what i said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im 23 years old an have done my family like that an til this day i regret an she should as well!

  • Lloyd Braun

    I really think it is time to ban this Steven Sweeney dope from these boards. He’s just a lonely right wing troll with nothing better to do than to spout off his goofball erroneous opinions and hate speech everywhere he goes. What a fartknocker

  • Sandra Railey

    I feel that she should have to pay for time the police spent looking for her i do understand about the muslims, but I don’t think she thought about the people that were concerned for her safety I was praying for her that nothing bad had happened because usually when girls are missing for so long its not a happy ending, But i truly thank God that she is alive and well.

    • Stl

      No she should only pay if she would have set it up like it was foul play. She’s an adult and has every right to run off and start a new life.

    • m. herrera

      Why? She didn’t call the police on herself or tried to fool anyone. She just left. If anyone could be charged it might be her parents who insisted they search for her. But even then, that’s what police do and at first it did look like maybe fould play had occured.

  • dawn Buchroeder

    point is…..if this girl that is considered an adult , after she heard everybody nationwide was looking for her….ya think she might be considerate enough to say “Here I am!!” after realizing that more than just her family was looking for her!!! I definitely wouldn’t want the whole nation praying and worrying unnecessarily, and thinking god awful things could have happened to me! Thats just rude and inconsiderate, and totally immature! !

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