Police hopes new strategy ends prostitution in south St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis police are trying a new tactic to combat prostitution in south St. Louis.  This time, instead of arresting the prostitutes, they’re targeting the patrons.

According to District 1 Commander Dan Howard, female South City residents complained recently that they were propositioned by men, who thought they were prostitutes.  It’s been a particular problem on South Broadway between Bates and Loughborough.

Prostitution has been an issue in the area for decades, and it usually seems to get worse when the weather gets warmer.

So this year, police are trying to get ahead of the uptick in prostitution, by targeting the prostitutes’ customers through a specialized detail which includes undercover officers.

After these patrons are arrested and charged, their mug shots will be made readily available to the media.  Then they’ll receive a reminder card, which tells them when and where they were caught, and cautions them about STD’s.  The card also warns them that their lewd behavior is illegal, and gives them a court date.

These patrons then face a $500 fine, and/or prison time.

St. Louis Police Captain Dan Howard explains, “What we really want people to do is think twice and maybe think, hey, I remember when I saw a mug shot, or heard about a guy getting a postcard, and maybe they won’t come around and do it at all.  That’d be my goal.  And our success in this will be measured by my citizens, when they tell me, I walked the park, or walked around the block, and imagine that, nobody confronted me.”

According to Howard, the police department’s recent redistricting has made this new operation possible.  The reduction from nine districts to six has provided District 1 with the manpower this operation requires.

Howard expects some arrests to start coming in early next week.


  • Steven Sweeney

    What a money grab..Prostitutes spread disease and bring drugs and crime into the neighborhoods they work in.Even if it was legal, the majority of these hookers would be banned due to disease and be right back out there.Cops can’t or won’t stop hookers, so after the johns money.Lame!

  • Lilmoop11@aol.com

    Typical sexist pig comments. These women have been though enough being beaten, raped, forced into prostitution, given addictive drugs, even killed. Yes it’s about time! These disgusting men deserve to get ticketed, fined, and jail time. Most of them are out cheating on their wives and spreading disease. These men are the reason so many young girls are abducted and forced into prostitution. I hope they all get fined with jail time.

  • b

    “hey no cops till next week!! Cool thanks for the address and area!!! Prob a discount night with all the advertising n all !!!

  • Nicholas Van Orton

    All these police resources to stop adults from having consensual nookie. Ridiculous. Legalize it and make it safe and concentrate on real crime you boneheads.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Looks like the “religious police” are out again!

    And I always thought we had separation of church and state?

    Oh, that’s right – that’s the part of the Constitution that doesn’t matter anymore.

    In fact, the only part that DOES matter anymore is the right to bear arms in a well regulated militia, which means conceal carry to the right-wing extremists doing the interpretation.

    So, one of the most dangerous single products in the world, guns, are protected by the Constitution. But apparently nothing else anymore.

    And we still spend TRILLIONS defending this?

  • Martin Van Nostrum

    Police Dept, come on, don’t take away Sweeney’s only chance to get laid! He loves that corner!

    • Steven Sweeney

      That’s not true “casey Bug’ you should read a book instead of playing in mommy’s makeup.of course you think it’s cool to wear dew rags under a bowler hat!! LOL LOL 1984 is long gone there Jazzy Jeff! Trade those gold chains you bought by the foot off of a reel at the flea market, and pay attention in middle school.Even for an 8th grader, you’re clueless!

  • elvis presley

    leave them alone. meth addicted, loose puss,dirty, bone headed, loss of collagen matrix after 25, catholic school trash have to make a living some kinda way. selling your foodstamps and babies are not enough.

  • lhg

    With out customers the prostitutes will move on. These men are just as guilty if not more so than the women. How disgusting to feel like you have to sleep with dirty, fat, slezy men for 10 bucks.

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