Schnucks to close North Grand store in May

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A Schnucks market is closing in North St. Louis in May. The store located at the intersection of Grand and Kossuth will be closing next month. No jobs will be lost, 65 workers will be transferred to nearby Schnucks stores. The store will close permanently at 6pm on Saturday, May 10.

CEO Todd Schnuck says that the store has consistently operated in the red. Company leaders decided not to renew the lease at the location. The store was purchased in the 1995 National Grocery store acquisition.

Schnucks operates 8 other markets within the St. Louis City limits.


  • morrow

    Tom and George, don’t believe the hype that Todd is telling you. This store has never had a major renovation. The meat cases here are from the old Del Form store of the late 60s and early 70s which eventually became National Foods. This store is used to get rid of close date and sometimes expired things. I went to this store earlier this year and in front as soon as you enter was a large cardboard bin loaded with Hostess products from other store across the area, they were all smashed. I emailed the company and ask them how could they do this to an iconic brand and any cake. The bin was removed the same day. This store should have been gone and Schnucks should be ashamed to have a store like this in the chain. I don;t believe it operated at a lost with everything in the store priced higher than the Lindell and Union locations…a penny here and a penny there. Schnucks wanted to close this store when they acquired the National chain, but the feds made them keep it so there would be a store in that area, which i didn’t think was fair, if they didn’t want it, it was their right to close it.

  • J. Wright

    The only things that should be operable in North St Louis are bomb shelters. Why take a very good chance of getting shot and killed for some bread

  • Bad Intentions

    Comments like the ones before this one should be taken lightly,very lightly….Meth makes these people make-up, believe and say-i mean TYPE-all sorts of things. This store will be sorely missed.

    • rose

      I’m sure it will be missed, as well as all the other businesses that have closed and left the area. It does cause a hardship on the few honest working and retired people. Do you see a pattern here? Do you wonder why so many businesses are closing? I wander what their insurance rates are.

    • morrow

      Bad intentions, you have your side of towns mixed up, Meth is mostly a white choice of drugs basically found in white area’s, not on north grand. There might be a speck here and there from the many whites that walk up and down the street but meth is not the drug.

  • morrow

    For those that pretend to know so much i will enlighten you to something else. This is the only store that Schnucks doesn’t own the property.

  • Cit Riverview

    Here, chew on this for awhile. Bill’s Meat market located at Chambers rd and Bellafountaine rd, closed its doors a couple of weeks ago. Bill Sr operated in the north county area for over 30 + years. His son Bill Jr continued operating after his fathers death. The reason they closed was their small margin was being eaten alive because lost prevention.The reason for that increase is the area residence has changed to a significant population shift to minorities. This problem is, and continues across our area. Minorities move in, business moves out,And school districts fail. Anyone disagree with that notion?

  • morrow

    Cit Riverview, That was Schnucks head quarters back in the earl days. Bills closing because of lost prevention and a change in the residence, how do you explain Save Way market on north Broadway near grand and Stelmacki’s not far from Bill’s on 367 and Chambers They have been there well over 40 years and still packed,and Stelmacki’s 50 years and if you go far south to 4200 south Broadway, there is Don’s meat market…still rocking and rolling, so maybe Bill junior don’t know how to run a meat market in an area where the residence have changed because he has it all to himself up there and when i visited that store, i noticed they hadn’t changed with the residence and i didn’t think he would last.

    • Cit Riverview

      To correct you the first Schnucks was in Walnut Park.
      “Save Way market on north Broadway” 80% of their clientele are EBT people. Poor grade of meat are placed out in their meat cases. off brand can goods but marked up like some Mom Pop store.As for Stelmacki’s its just a matter of time like Bills they will closed. They had something going for them when the Towers was operating they had a built in clientele,now that its closed its by by Stel’s.

  • morrow

    Cit riverview, i will take you back farther. The actual first Schuncks store was located in the 3900 block Labadie and Bishop Scott street in a corner front, if you want to know exactly, it was one block north of St louis ave. The building there at Chambers is where the Family started to grow larger in to the chain they are today. Food stamps are money, i bet ya Todd is not complaining and the stamps are all over. As for save way and other 80% meat markets, they all have an decaying smell to them, but Saveway sells a lot of good meat. I go there and get USDA porterhouse steaks for a whole lot less that a beautiful Schnucks. I go there and get nice fresh beef all the time and i have never smell this store stinking. Not long ago i went there and got T-bone steaks (fresh) for $4.98 per pound verse Lindell Schuncks for $9.00 bucks.

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