Missing 13-year-old Troy teenager found

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UPDATE: The Troy, Missouri police department is reporting 13-year-old Tyler Herron has been found safe.

TROY, MO (KTVI) – Police are on the lookout for a missing 13-year-old. Tyler Herron was last seen Sunday night at around 10pm near his family’s home.

Police say Tyler is 5’2”, 95 pounds, with dark blond hair, and green eyes. He was last seen wearing a gray hooding, jeans and blue shoes. He has in his possession some clothes in a backpack and a Playstation 3.

If you have seen Tyler or know of his whereabouts call the Troy Missouri Police at 636-528-4725 or call the Lincoln County 911 at their non-emergency 636-528-6100.


  • Tonya

    He has his toy with him…he is prob a runaway. Regardless of why, fact is his life is in danger by his lack of common sense n the abundance of pervs

  • Brittney scarlet

    I happen to be very close with Tyler and this was not a stunt to garnish ratings. He ran away and thankfully he was safe. People amaze me with their complete ignorance. This isn’t 1950 anymore. People are different these days. Remember the girl that went on a walk to calm down and never returned? Imagine if that was your child. Ty’s mom is completely in the right for reporting him as a missing child.

  • Rose Scott

    Better safe than sorry! Some children never had anyone looking for them soon enough. Glad he was found. You can’t watch them 24\7. You can just glance away and they r gone. Sometimes someone is just waiting for that!

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