Will St. Louis be able to see the “Blood Moon” ?

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(KTVI)- Tonight is the night for the first total lunar eclipse of 2014. There will be three more so called “blood moons” over the next year and a half. Why a "blood moon?" Because the moon will appear to be dark orange or red in color. As the Earth moves directly between the moon and the sun, filtered sunlight still shines through Earth's atmosphere, casting the red glow.

The lunar eclipse is set to begin just before midnight and will last about four hours. The best views begin around 1:00am with the peak of the eclipse occurring at 2:45am St. Louis time.

Weather permitting; the eclipse will be visible for most sky watchers in North America. Here in St. Louis, our cloudy skies should begin to clear around midnight so hopefully we will be able to see the eclipse just after it begins.

The next lunar eclipse will fall on October 8, 2014

Eclipse timeline for St. Louis from the U.S. Naval Observatory:

  • Moonrise 2014 Apr 14 19:15
  • Moon enters penumbra 2014 Apr 14 23:52.0
  • Moon enters umbra 2014 Apr 15 00:58.0
  • Moon enters totality 2014 Apr 15 02:06.4
  • Middle of eclipse 2014 Apr 15 02:45.7
  • Moon leaves totality 2014 Apr 15 03:25.0
  • Moon leaves umbra 2014 Apr 15 04:33.4
  • Moon leaves penumbra 2014 Apr 15 05:39.2
  • Moonset 2014 Apr 15 06:33
[youtube http://youtu.be/5gzgSuJM5O8]