13-year-old accused of bringing to gun school

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AURORA, Ill. (AP) _ An 8th grader at a suburban Chicago middle school was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon after a loaded handgun was found inside his locker.

The gun was discovered Monday afternoon in the 13-year-old’s locker at Washington Middle School in Aurora.

Authorities say a teacher became suspicious when she noticed a group of students milling around the boy’s locker. A search of the locker by the teacher and an administrator turned up the gun in a book bag.

Authorities say a preliminary investigation indicated the student brought the gun to school to show to friends. The weapon belongs to a family member.

The boy is being held in the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center in St. Charles and will appear Tuesday before a judge for a status hearing.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Oh- oh! The rural Republican hicks of the Missouri legislature from Bald Hick and Hillbilly Hill MO will probably introduce a bill today to PREVENT schools from prosecuting kids just because they carry a gun to school!

    After all, it’s their “god given right” to bear arms, according to their wacky interpretation of the Constitution – you know, the only part they’ve ever read or care about.

    Sound ridiculous? No more ridiculous than their latest law to prevent schools from punishing kids for making gun gestures with other objects, or banning the enforcement of federal gun laws here, or any of their other obsessive/compulsive bills about guns, guns and more guns.

    I mean, this father is probably PROUD his boy brought a gun to school – “that’s my boy!” Do these NRA types have a serious gun fetish, or what?

    Some of these kids NEED their guns – like in this case, say this kid starts bullying some other kid, breaking his glasses, throwing dirt in his face – and the other kid then threatens to beat up the bully! Well, because bullies are usually weak cowards just like their NRA dads, they NEED a gun to defend their right to bully and impose themselves on others without fear! Just like their hero Zimmerman!

    Luckily, this is in Illinois, so hopefully they’ll teach this kid a thing or two about guns and how they have no place in decent society.

    • Braden

      Haha. That is one upset liberal. I really hope you are able to get past the fact that you cannot and never will win your arguments. Hope you have a good day and god bless America.

  • middleman

    Byebye has so many issues. The things he says negate anything smart he might say. At least he can spell, and has writing skills. Dude. Give peace a chance.

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