BB King apologizes for show in St. Louis

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Photo: Sarah Conrad, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

(KTVI) – Living blues legend BB King has apologized for the performance that his rep says “did not match Mr. King’s usual standard of excellence.”

Many people were confused by the performance at the Peabody Opera House and felt the musician was off his game, to say the least. Even reviews of the performance were not flattering. Reports on social media said fans heckled the musician while was on stage, and others walked out.

The representative says King, 88, did not take his diabetes medication that day and had traveled by bus 1,600 miles from Las Vegas.

You can read the full letter in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: B.B. King apologizes for poor St. Louis performance


  • Lori

    Sad….Sometimes people just need to know that they are old and it’s time to take a seat. He is past his prime.

  • middleman

    You should be better at something than the person you put down. Never heard of you. What kind of musical legend are you?

  • WK

    Awe, that’s a shame. It’s too bad that those who went to the show didn’t have enough respect to support a legend when he was less than perfect. I can understand if they felt it was not his usual performance, but to heckle him or walk out? That’s rude.

  • Towncar07

    Back in the late 50’s I attended a “Rock-N-Blues” concert at the old Opera House and Jimmy Reed gave a barely audible performance…it was learned later that he suffered from EXTREME stage fright, and the meds used to calm him worked too well. Fortunately, Fats Domino brought everyone to their feet a stompin’

  • middleman

    BB King is more than a Memphis legend, Koo-Koo. He is a musical master who inspires the whole world with his cool self. The Pope has one of his guitars, unless it got sold to help the poor, which, I am sure would be cool with BB. I don’t know what you meant with your comment. Just wondered if Lori is good enough to be bad mouthing BB.

  • Russell

    I was at that show. Yes BB King is a legend but you cannot take people’s money for show if you don’t perform a show. He should give everyone their money back.

    • Bob

      This is absolutely correct. If you want to have a tribute to his lifetime achievements, that’s fine. If you pay for a performance, and the guy doesn’t play music, then this is a problem.

  • Dave Cook

    I’m mostly mad that BB king was in town and I had no idea. I would pay to see a poor performance from him. Guy is a legend.

  • Gail

    poor performance or not, the man is a legend and should be treated with respect. Simon and Garfunkle came to Jazz Fest in NOLA a few years ago and Garfunkle had something going on with his throat, he butchered Bridge Over Troubled Water, but we gave him a standing O and an E for effort… Just saying…

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