Missing boy found in bowling alley “claw” toy machine

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Photo: KETV

LINCOLN, NE – A mother could not find her 3-year-old son and called police for help.

At the same time, patrons in a bowling alley across the street discovered a small boy inside the stuffed animal compartment of the “claw” machine.

The service technician set the boy free and patrons contacted the police across the street. The boy was reunited with his mother. He was unharmed and was given one of the toys to keep.

Read the full story here: Child gets stuck inside claw crane machine


  • Neille Sawyer

    The bigger point here is the fact that he got out of the mother’s sight long enough for him to cross the street. Doing something naughty is the least to be worried about, he could have been struck by a car getting across the street. Three year olds wander, constantly, it is what they do explore and wander. One can never take their eyes off of them.

  • middleman

    I kept a hold of their little hands when I was in public with my little rugrats. I would always rather err on the side of caution and paranoia than not be cautious and paranoid enough. Just saying

  • Jon

    What??? Police haven’t arrested the mother for child endangerment? Rewarded the kid for doing something that serious? A three-year boy even went out onto a street in a commercial area?

  • Ken Bania

    Yet another inept mother not paying attention to her kid and thus endangering the child. Probably swilling too many brews and smoking her asssss off. Having said that, kind of funny the kid found a way to get in the claw machine. Like a Toy Story scene

    • Ken Bania

      Hey Dumbeck, would you say that if this little unsupervised toddler got run over by a tractor trailer crossing the street, crushing the guts out of him while his clueless mother was chatting on the phone and doing her nails?

  • KC

    You have no idea what happened or what the mother was doing, why all the judgement? 3-year-olds are FAST! And unpredictable!

  • Joe

    Next she will sue the bowling alley and designer of the machine since he was able to get into the machine. It will be her payday!!!

  • Vonda

    Yes, hard lesson for the parent and the boy. Although… The kid IS safely home again. All is well. Sh*t happens. Good day! :)

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