Officials: St. Louis School District to remain transitional

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The Missouri State Board of Education says the St. Louis School District will remain a transitional district.

Commissioner Chris Nicastro says it’s critical to keep stable leadership in place.

The district was placed in transitional status in 2007 when it lost accreditation.

The district improved to provisional accreditation in 2012.


  • Ed Golterman

    You really didn’t explain what ‘transitional’ means. It means the elected members of the school board was kicked out, and replaced by appointed members. Give us the number of students regularly attending school and the cost to educate each, the average cost and let the readers judge if there has been ‘progress’.

  • Tim Which Is Not My Name

    Folks, please wake up. The state has no vested interest in SLPS improving to the point of self controlled destiny again. Does NO ONE find it curious that mere moments before the student transfer law became official, SLPS regains this “provisional” status? This put SLPS and MoDESE in a perfect position. SLPS was too “good” to have to pay for students to leave (thus bankrupting it), but not “good enough” to be autonomous and keep the 3 person board and their puppet masters out of the works. The superintendent is worthless. The district is STILL several points away from full accreditation. While some points have been earned, others have been lost, with no net gain at all. To top it off, the makeup of the administrators running the schools has been drastically changed through forced resignations and improper firings over the last 6 years. (All in the name of “making the demographics of the leaders reflect the demographics of the students they lead”) Until the current superintendent and the majority of those who work for him at 801 N. 11th are removed, nothing will change.

  • Joe

    SLPS is a joke. MO School for the Blind, run by the state is a joke. I am sure “friends” are on this board to collect some money and then get out of dodge. What’s wrong with education in America: society, teachers and administrators, parents and students. It is a shared responsibility in the failure but good forbid anybody is held accountable besides the teachers!!

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