Man charged with sexually torturing women beginning in 2006

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Police say a South County man for raped, sodomized, and tortured multiple women dating back to 2006.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch called it a case of 'degradation and torture.'  Adam M. Capriglione, 29, faces 19 felony charges including, rape, sodomy and assault.  Police say Capriglione met women online and would start a relationship with them before violence would begin.

Prosecutors say he held women against their will at his apartment on Butler Oaks Drive and at a previous address.   The charges spanned over several years.   McCulloch says Capriglione had a 'psychological hold' on victims through torture and threatened victims if they came forward.

An investigation began after one victim went to a medical facility for help.  The medical facility contacted police.  Investigators held a news conference Tuesday asking victims to come forward.

"Nobody wakes up one morning and does this," said McCulloch.  "We are convinced there are more victims out there."

McCulloch said the charges related to five victims and said he is confident there is at least one more unidentified victim.

Some of the allegations in court documents include that Capriglione used a can opener while committing a sex crime.  He`s accused of burning a woman`s leg with a hot knife and covering her face with saran wrap.  A separate charge accuses him of choking a woman.

Police say the charge of sexual exploitation of a minor relates to a relationship he started with an underage victim that continued until she was an adult.   Prosecutors said the charge of endangering the welfare of a child related to exposing a child to deplorable living conditions.

Joseph Green, attorney for Capriglione, released a statement that reads in part, "The police are not bound by the rules of professional conduct that restrict attorneys regarding the information we are allowed to disseminate to the public. Bound by that restriction, my comment is that Adam Capriglione is a young man of 29 years facing felony charges for the first time in his life."

Green`s statement went on to say the alleged victims had prior relationships with his client, and one victim had a possible legal axe to grind.

"I encourage people to not rush to judgment. As the case proceeds forward, facts will come to light that will dampen the sensationalism."

Capriglione lived in a quiet suburban apartment complex near the intersection of Butler Hill Road and Highway 21.  Residents in the Butler Hill Apartments described themselves Tuesday as 'shocked' and 'surprised' as they learned their one time neighbor now faces 19 felony charges.

"You wouldn`t kind of expect that stuff in this kind of an area, but then again you kind of go back to thinking  that stuff happens in a lot of areas," said Carl Collier who moved in during early January just weeks before Capriglione was arrested on three felonies.

A vacate order is still attached to the suspect`s second floor apartment door.  One neighbor who declined to give her name said she has refused to serve as a character reference for him and she won`t testify against him.

Capriglione was seen playing outdoors with his son at times.  Alan Walker, who owns the apartment complex, recalled seeing the two together.  "When I saw him he was always a doting father. He was polite to me," Walker said.

Apartment manager Tim,  who chose not to give his last name,  said Capriglione always paid his rent on time and never caused any  trouble that would have prompted management to enter his apartment.

"Our heart goes out to all the victims," the manager said as he explained they have made themselves  available to police and investigators working on the case.
"We have a safe community here and it`s a very unfortunate incident," Tim added.

McCulloch encouraged any victims to contact his office at office 314-615-2600 or the St. Louis County Police Domestic Violence unit 314-615-5400.

Capriglione is jailed on a $500,000 cash only bond.


  • Anonymous

    I can’t say I’m surprised at all. There were red flags. And the way he was around his son you could tell something wasn’t right.

  • anon

    I’ve read his attorney’s statement, and all I have to say is, what the hell does he mean “don’t rush to judgement”? The man has tortured these women, and they’ll never be the same. His attorney doesn’t care about what happened to these women, or what could happen if he’s set free. He’s only worried about getting a paycheck. My heart breaks for these women, because they are now scarred by what this animal has done to them.

    • Anon=Stupid

      You obviously don’t understand the function of a defense attorney hired to defend the accused. You obviously don’t understand the whole foundation of the American justice system, ie innocent until PROVEN guilty. You obviously don’t understand it is the prosecutors job to PROVE guilt. Please, move to Iran or some third world dictatorship you blowtard, you’d feel much more at home in that kind of country you dipnoodle,

  • Andrea

    I lived next to this man 2 years ago and even rescued a girl from this very situation. The police were at his house and did nothing. Me and my husband notified the landlord and were told to stop spreading lies about such a nice guy or we’d face eviction. Most of his neighbors know and cover up for him. While im glad he’s finally caught it’s sad another girl was put through this because of so many people lacking in responsibility.

  • DN

    Truth is truth and guilt is guilt. If he did it, he’s guilty. Just not punishable by our laws until proven to be so. Both attorney’s should be working for justice, not proving someone innocent who’s not. Our laws are messed up and many times the guilty are let go over technicalities or jailed due to corruption in our judicial system. It is a broken system, with many working for political gain, rather than the protection of the people. There needs to be more accountability of our judicial system.

  • Pat Cary

    I currently live in this complex and I have seen this guy with a small boy. I never saw him with a female and I never saw police come to our complex. I’m saddened for the women and young girls involved and I hope anyone with evidence or information will come forward.

    This is a nice complex, the management always welcomes input and if there is an issue with a neighbor or the property, they are prompt in correcting the problem.

    God Bless these woman and young girls as they deal with the trauma now and in the future.

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