Strange sighting captured above I-55

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(KTVI)-- Colorful balls of light racing across the night sky are caught on video by a Jefferson County woman. Now she’s trying to figure out what she saw.  Amber Wysocki captured the video on her cell phone. “I was shocked. Kind of like, what am I seeing? Am I seeing something I didn’t know what to think?” she stated.

Wysocki was driving south Interstate 55 Friday night when she saw lights in the sky near Pevely. She took out her camera and started shooting. There were white blinking lights followed by two balls of light that were blue. All her life Amber has been a doubter when it came to UFOs and aliens.  She said, “I don’t find that stuff possible. I’m so skeptical. I guess that’s why I reported it. I’d like to know.”

She contacted the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington State and talked to director Peter Davenport.  He said he needs to hear from more people who may have seen what Amber saw.  Davenport added, “It’s very difficult for me to see anything in the video that is unambiguous and causes us to sit up and take notice of it.”

John Lakey the director of the Science Center Planetarium agreed there’s just no enough information in the video.  While, some scientists are certain there is microbial life on another planet in our own solar system, intelligent life somewhere else is still debatable.  Lakey said, “That we are the only planet that has evolved intelligent life, I think the odds are against it but the evidence isn’t there yet.”

The UFO center has received thousands of video and photograph over the years but only a handful are really interesting.  Davenport said, “We conclude that only very few of them are potentially of alien spaceships, UFOs.”

Still people like Amber Wysocki will keep an eye on the skies, “all I know it’s unidentifiable.”

Lakey and Davenport said the racing lights could have been anything from an aircraft, a child’s flying toy with LED lights, a satellite or a planet.


  • Bob

    What was the strange sighting? I watched this 3 times and all I saw was cars traveling in the opposite direction, streetlights in the background, the moon, and a billboard.

    • Jim Flint

      Man Bob, you aren’t too bright. It was a spaceship of aliens. They landed and started probing people like Clem and Mr Bradley. Pay attention next time

  • Mary Bradley

    Really did see this actually husband did. He called Pevely police department. Unreal they came out on that Friday so it is TRUE. I thank GOD someone else saw this too.

  • Mary Bradley

    Its sooo True. Husband saw this I didn’t believe him. Pevely police dept. Came out and even talked to him about it on that Friday. Thank GOD he wasn’t the only one that seen it.

  • Amber w

    If you have picture or a witness please call the national ufo hotline so it can be documented I need other people to back my up I know it sounds insane that video did not justice what I saw at first was way more amazing than that video

  • Amber w

    Clem I’m glad you finally got probed considering you sound like you are 100% from Jefferson county I’m sure that’s the most physical encounter you have had in a very long time I haven’t seen them again you must have scared my alien friends I’m sure it feels great not having an actual woman and ya can’t even keep and alien :) live on

  • james

    Looks like an aircraft. I see read and green wintip light, a lower anticollision light and a nose light with the moon above it.

  • Anonymous

    So Clem, does the government pay u to try and distract people from talking about what they seen or are u always an idiot? Grow up Clem!!!

  • You must be joking.

    “oooooohh…I saw two blinking lights while driving, I’ll take a crappy video with it on my phone and say it was aliens.”….garbage and nonsense to fill a slow news day. Oh wait, it is FOX. I am sure the Science center guy said something more relevant and these twits edited it for their “story”. Idiocracy is here.

  • Proc

    I saw what looked like a VERY LARGE shooting star over Eureka, MO at the same time. Large, round extremely bright light that looked like it was falling to the ground and burned out like a shootiing star. I’ve seen many of these before, this one was unique because it was so large.

  • marty

    Wysocki was driving south Interstate 55 Friday night when she saw lights in the sky near Pevely. She took out her camera and started shooting.

    Why was she videoing and driving?

  • Mandy

    I can’t help from laughing my husband flies remote controlled airplanes at Pevely Park all the time. This is what you were seeing.

  • Seth V

    I also drove by and saw it. It was a kite in Pevely Park, nothing special. Though it was very distracting and possibly dangerous to drivers.

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