Thieves steal lunch meat, liquor from Arnold home for second time

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ARNOLD, MO (KTVI) - They stole the frozen fish, but left the laptop.  Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies are searching for at least one very hungry and thirsty thief who stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of food and liquor from a home in Arnold.

The peanut butter has already been replaced—it’s a family staple. But other than that, the Cobb family’s refrigerator is the emptiest it’s ever been.  When Jeff Cobb first noticed the cheese missing last Tuesday, he didn’t think anything of it, even though his wife and daughters denied eating it.

Cobb says, “I kind of actually joked about it at the time, that somebody broke into the house and stole our cheese.”  So he bought some more. But on Thursday, the new cheese had also vanished.  “Then my youngest daughter said, what happened to the lunch meat I bought, too? And it was gone, so then we started looking around, and my wife looked in the pantry, and noticed that all the liquor was gone, and we noticed all the liquor was gone that we had in the pantry. And we’re like ok, someone was here for sure.”

Jefferson County Lt. Colonel Steve Meinberg believes the thief, or thieves, entered through the unlocked window at this home on Hidden Meadows Drive, then left through the back door.  He believes these break-ins have happened on at least two occasions, and were able to lift fingerprints off the outside of the window.

“The kids were really scared, especially that night, they didn’t want to sleep alone, they were worried that someone was going to come in,” says Cobb.

Still, this Arnold family feels lucky it was just food and liquor.  “We had a tablet sitting right here on the counter, we had computers right here next to the pantry,” explains Cobb, “something they could’ve grabbed easily.  They didn’t touch anything.”

Judging by this consumable contraband, Meinberg has a hunch who’s to blame: “In my career I’ve seen it happen, where people go in and steal food and liquor.  Usually, maybe some local youth.”

Cobb agrees: “There are some houses down the street that have younger age kids that have parties and stuff like that, and they attract a lot of their friends, and we think that was more it, if anything it was friends, not anyone from the community.”

As the Cobbs restock their fridge and pantry, they’re locking all windows and doors.  They also plan to install a surveillance system so that frozen fish, lunch meat and liquor are all those thieves are going to get.  Cobb says, “Hopefully they’re not coming back. Hopefully they enjoyed all the food and liquor.”

Meanwhile, neighbors are aware of what happened, and are on the lookout for anything suspicious.  If you have any information, contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.


  • Bob

    When I was in high school, I had a few “friends” over at midnight after my parents went to bed. One of those “friends” invited a whole bunch of their friends over to crash the party. A few of them ransacked the kitchen of food and kitchen utensils. This case sounds similar, perhaps someone in the house isn’t being entirely truthful.

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