Fingerprint required for Six Flags season tickets

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EUREKA, MO (AP) – A fingerprint is now required for season pass holders at Six Flags St. Louis.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a measurement of the fingerprint will be attached to a bar code on the plastic card to get into the park. Pass holders at the entrance will have to scan both the card and his or her finger to get in. Six Flags began the system more than a week ago when the park reopened for the 2014 season.

The technology known as biometrics has been in use in some other amusement parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios. A Six Flags spokeswoman says that, eventually, it will be at all Six Flags parks across the country.

Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch,


  • Todd

    I’m assuming this is an attempt to prevent multiple people using the pass on different days. There can be no other benefit to this policy. If your pass was stolen, simply reporting it would prevent others from using it. This will not last.

    • Kari

      Plenty of people will willingly give up their pass to a friend to try to get them in for free. It’s to prevent that.

  • momof2

    i think it is a good idea so people can not use others season passes … the people dont look at the picture on the pass i don’t want someone else using mine .. i pay for it not anyone else.

  • middleman

    Not to seem completely paranoid, but what else does six flags plan to do with the prints? Sell them, or hand them all over to the police and Interpol? Not that I would ever go to that lame excuse for entertainment

  • Robert

    Hey Police, six flags here, we’ve been running these finger prints that these idiots have been giving us and you’re gonna want to see these hits we’ve gotten.

  • Austin

    Well. I wasted money in Season Passes. I will not be, not will any member of my family, be giving out finger prints to a company.

  • Lee Williams

    Everyone needs to Chill out…Biometrics have been used as a form of security for years now….It violates no ammendment, I’ve worked for companies that require you to use Biometrics to get in certain areas. So if your company starts that I guess you are just going to quit your job huh????

  • adam adams

    Maybe 6 flags employees should do their job and LOOK at the picture on the pass and the individual. They never look they scan and go. So how will this help? Please give us data or documentation to show this will help. Either or they wont get my money.

    • Jessica Eckstein

      Why would u want to use ur ebt card there. If u cant afford it dont go or bring a picnic for outside the park. Ebt is for food for your family not to be used on junk at an amusement park

  • Bob

    Wow, you don’t even need a fingerprint to fly on a commercial flight, although the TSA would like to.

  • Joe

    Has anyone actually read the article? They are not recording your fingerprint. Although it is scanning, it creates a mathematical equation based on the print. They are not storing the print itself. Feel free to hate that as well, but alteast be aware of what you’re arguing against.

    • FBHO

      Joes right, and the NSA is not listening to your phone calls and reading your emails and if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance, period.

  • Jina

    I think that this is a great idea. And I agree with Joe, they don’t keep the legit “picture” of the fingerprint. It’s a code. And everyobdy’s code is different no matter what. I have been to Disneyworld multiple times and they use this exact technology that Six Flags is using. It is also a benefit because now, people can’t just say a random name and use the season pass claiming that it’s them when in reality it’s a complete stranger.. I think that it’s good that the park is enhancing their privacy. Wouldn’t you love hearing that complete strangers have been using your season pass to get in the park? And if you don’t want your privacy intruded by that, fine. Don’t get a pass then. It has nothing to do with invading privacy, they are actually helping you be protected in the park.

  • George Orwell

    Hey Six Flags, you aren’t going to get my fingerprints just so I can walk around and watch hoosiers in wife beaters chowing down on Turkey Legs and slapping their kids while waiting in your long lines. I can guarantee you this little stunt will cost you at least a 30% decrease in attendance. Good luck in bankruptcy court!

    • Shawn Curtis

      You guarantee it? Really? You would have to assume that 30% of their patrons are season pass holders AND criminals concerned about the feds tracking them down on the Screaming Eagle. I doubt it will make a dent in their legitimate business, but it will probably even out by preventing fraud or getting the conspiracy theorists to pay full admission every visit rather than saving money on a season pass.

  • middleman

    Will they give each person a sanitary wipe after touching that finger print thing? Who knows where those other fingers have been?

  • Emmy

    Well at least if all you paranoid conspiracy theorists aren’t there, the lines will be shorter! Oh no! Technology! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  • Elizabeth Hemphill

    We use something like to to Clock in at my workplace. . No one can clock in with my badge number unless they have my finger print.Do you realize how much stuff you touch everyday that has your finger print on it anyway. If someone wanted your print that bad they already have it. Maybe its from that glass you touched at the bar. So what are you so afraid about a little finger print. Unless you are doing something illegal than you have nothing to worry about. This just away to keep people from sharing passes or stealing passes. Its not a background check or a check of criminals. Really if you are upset about Six Flags asking for a finger print for a season pass. You might want to get off the internet. Someone can get so much information from out or our cell phones and internet usage. And your car to you might want to ride a bike. Its tracked by GPS. And all those cameras are out there you shouldn’t leave your house. I am not living in a box. I have nothing to hide.

  • Amy

    We have season passes and they don’t do this for my family!! So do they just pick n choose who they do this to? I also know another family who has season passes and they don’t this either!!

  • Blake

    Do you know already your fingerprints may be in a database already if you were fingerprinted as a child or committed a crime in which you had to be processed??????

  • Shawn Curtis

    I don’t really understand technology, the law or the US Constitution, but that won’t stop me from pretending I do so that I can be outraged at such an affront to law abiding criminals. Without such subversive ways to gather biometric data on people, the government would have no other way to gather this kind of data, except through things like Facebook, background checks and state issued ID’s. Even if they were cross-checking a criminal database, there is no reason why we should need to keep criminals out of family oriented places like amusement parks. What’s the worst that could happen, really?

  • Harry

    It uses Biometrics Using a unique, physical attribute of your body, such as your fingerprint or iris, to effortlessly identify and verify that you are who you claim to be, is the best and easiest solution in the market today
    Only specific characteristics, which are unique to every fingerprint, are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation. No image of a fingerprint is ever saved, only a series of numbers (a binary code), which is used for verification. The algorithm cannot be reconverted to an image, so no one can duplicate your fingerprints. it does not take or record your actual fingerprint just certain physical attributes so your identity can be verified ..

  • Shawn Curtis

    Technically, if you were to use the same algorithm on a database of fingerprint images, you could use it to accurately match fingerprints to the encrypted biometric key. You would just need access to the database, encryption key and code used for producing the biometric key. Still, why would it matter if you aren’t a wanted criminal? They could always use facial recognition biometrics without telling you, it’s just as accurate in many cases and doesn’t need a person’s consent to do so.

  • Jody

    I think it’s great! We went in and received our passes ASAP….the finger scan is fast and efficient. Great job six flags for moving to the future!!!

  • Doc Max

    Why are there multiple posts defending being fingerprinted with ones employment. The bottom line is that six flags is an entertainment venue and the only reason to require finger prints is to protect its bottom line. It has nothing to do with our safety. It is just as absurd to require a finger print for entering a movie theater or a football game. Have you considered IR exposure limits, safety, and health; especially for the small children. Sure it is low power, but what happens when there is a failure in the system. The bottom line is I do not want to be one of the lab rats who willingly submit because the preponderance of bio statistical health data is inconclusive.

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