Boys beat carjacker with toy snake, get freed

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SAN ANTONIO, TX (KSAT) – A family in Texas learned a very painful lesson with a very lucky outcome.

The parents watched as a car thief drove off with not only their car – but their three children inside.

The family reunion came quickly, thanks to the actions of two of the boys in the car.

Lucia Lozada sat distraught and emotionally drained, thinking about a short walk she’ll never forget.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus explains, “She realized that she had forgotten the baby bottle, walked back in the house. When she came back out the car was gone.”

Lozada had planned to go to church, but instead spent part of the evening nearly inconsolable waiting for any bit of good news after seeing her three children literally stolen from her.

Lucia says she recognized the man, but didn’t expect anything to happen, “I saw him walking and I smiled at him because I know him from around here, because he’s always walking up and down the street and he looked at me and just ran and got in the car and left.”

Luis Lozada, the boys’ father remembers, “When I couldn’t see the car anymore I started shaking, what am I doing, what am I doing, what is he going to do to my kids?”

Finally, the reunion they’d hoped for. Chief McManus says the thief dropped the boys off in a neighborhood nearly 10 miles away and they were whisked back home by EMS.

The boys played a big role for their freedom, “We shouted that we wanted our mommy and daddy.”

“I was hitting him with a snake,” said one of the boys.

Luis says, “They got a snake yesterday at the store. I didn’t want to buy it for them, but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today.”

Lucia adds, “They just knew that that guy wasn’t supposed to be in the car and they were beating on him.”

Their mother learned a painful and difficult lesson about leaving kids in a car, “Sometimes things in our lives have to happen in order for us to realize what we have and not to take things for granted.”

Lucia said she forgives the man who took the car, but police are still looking for him.


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