Driver slams into MoDOT work zone overnight

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(KTVI) – A speeding driver on Interstate 44 in Fenton crashed his car in a work zone.  It happened around 1:30 a.m. near Bowles Avenue.

Police say the man was driving almost 80 miles per hour when he suddenly slammed into road construction equipment.

None of the MoDOT workers on the scene was hurt.  The driver was injured but was able to get out of his car on his own.


  • Bob

    The irony, last week was National Work Zone Awareness Week. Too bad we can’t focus on that the other 51 weeks of the year.

  • rose

    Curious to see if their punishment is what MODOT posts on signs, as it should be. Fortunately, no worker was injured or killed by this idiot.,

  • Carrie

    My brother was that Idoit. He recieved tickets and was driving with no license. I am glad he didn’t kill anyone and his dumbass was speeding. He takes no responsibilty for any of his actions. He should be in jail, but he is not.

    • rose

      Carrie, I respect you coming forward with the comment you did, I’m sure it was hard, you didn’t bash any other comment about this article like many friends and family do when a loved one makes a wrong choice. You are putting the blame where it belongs and stated that you do not condone this behavior. Your comment proves you do not live in denial. I’m sure you love your brother, just not everything he does.

      • Carrie

        He has been struggling with drug addiction, tearing my household apart, draining my parents of money, in and out of jail, and can’t take care of his kids. You can see why I have no remorse.

      • rose

        Yes Carrie, I can. Perhaps this may be an eye opener for him-when he sobers up or is not taking drugs, he might realize how fortunate he is that his actions didn’t injure or kill an innocent worker. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, do jail time, pay his fines, do it himself and not expect everyone else to bail him out. Perhaps the best thing you and your family can do for him is–nothing.

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