Mizzou’s Alden confirms Frank Haith leaving basketball program for Tulsa

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(KTVI) -  After some speculation, Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden announced Thursday that men's head basketball coach Frank Haith is leaving Mizzou to coach at Tulsa.

Alden said that Haith sent him a text message Friday morning informing him that he would be taking the job at Tulsa.  The players and the rest of the coaching staff have been notified.

Haith flew to Tulsa on Thursday afternoon to meet with Tulsa University officials.

Haith has been Mizzou's head basketball coach for the past three years, coming up from the University of Miami.

It is believed Haith was in the market for another head coaching job because the Tigers failed to make the NCAA Tournament this past season and top scorers Jabari Brown and Jordan Clarkson have both declared themselves eligible for this summer's NBA Draft.


    • 6stn

      Anderson would have stayed, but departed to coach at his alma mater, Arkansas. As for Haith, he couldn’t recruit, the cupboard was bare, so he ran away.

      • Nolan SonofRichard

        If you don’t think black kids notice that you’re deluding yourself. Combine that with all the thug criminal issues the last few years, kids transferring, kids getting kicked out, the DGB fiasco etc, and good luck getting any quality black kids to come to Boone Co for 4 years. Perception becomes reality.

    • ByeByetotherite

      Yea there racists don’t white people know you can never fire or run off a black person for any reason come on its 2014 just look at obama

  • Nate Shead

    Everyone remotely interested in Mizzou Basketball as a fan was highly disappointed with the announcement made that Frank Haith was chosen to be Mizzou’s head basketball coach because his credentials showed him to be mediocre at best and even with Jabari’s strong play but Clarkson was all over the place with inconsistent play which you cannot have at the point and he made very bad decisions and the former coach did not show in anyway that he was a teacher over just being only concerned with wins and losses. So I can only hope that A.D. Alden will make a real concerted effort this time to seek out a reputable replacement who has shown superior recruiting skills, teacher of sound fundamental basketball. Anderson was not a bad coach he was not committed to Mizzou after his alma mater made it clear if he wanted the H.C. it was there. Frank Haith leaving of his accord and his lack of class too notify by phone was another sign that he was not the proper choice 3 years ago period and only wanted to work in a job when everything was convenient so how could he teach any young man about fighting through adversity when he himself ran when all the stars were not aligned and when in fact he could no longer ride off of what Anderson had in place before his departure. Haith leaving was a blessing now can the A.D. capitalize on it and get a worthy coach to come in and bring Mizzou basketball to the level that Mizzou football has risen too and competitive in the SEC because unfortunately our basketball team could not stay in the Big 12 and this past year with Haith as a coach they would not have did any better in the Big 12 either. A.D. Alden we need a real coach who can recruit actual talent preferably that can shoot free throws and play defense and take Mizzou to the next level after the last three years have been wasted and we are back at square one and rebuilding under a new coach or maybe A.D. Alden should be looking for another job as well. Or A.D. Alden can call me and save the school some money I would come with a guarantee that I could beat Frank Haith’s record at Mizzou and Miami I bet A.D. Alden did not get any guarantee from Frank Haith when he was hired. If anyone knows A.D. Alden tell him I am available.

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