Missouri deputy shoots, kills dog

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WASHINGTON, Mo. (AP) _ An investigation continues after an eastern Missouri deputy shot and killed a dog.

The Washington Missourian (http://bit.ly/1h9skoA ) reports that Franklin County deputies went to a home on Monday to serve a search warrant. Sheriff Gary Toelke says they had been to the home many times before for various crimes.

Deputies had a search warrant, and when no one answered the door, they tried to enter through a window. Toelke says an aggressive dog charged at the deputy, who sprayed the animal with pepper spray.

A woman inside the home came forward and was told to secure the dog. Instead, the dog allegedly charged at one of the deputies, who fired a shot that killed the animal.
Information from: Washington Missourian, http://www.emissourian.com


  • Dennis P. Quinn

    Mr Toelike is a bully and a coward. There are many ways to end that peacefully. He took the bullies way out. He’s the law in this land. You peons better get use to it.

  • adam adams

    sounds like the officer illegally entered the house and the dog was guarding not attacking. I smell lawsuit, can we say illegal entry?

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Pathetic, wimpy cowards for police again. As usual. And what else is new today?

    I feel more sorry for the dog being killed than I would for the loser deputies.

    And let me guess – the crimes of “many times before” were probably trivial drug crimes, right? Pot possession or small-time sales? Maybe a rock of crack?

    That’s likely because if this were any kind of SERIOUS criminal posing any REAL THREAT to anyone, the cops would not have DARED to enter the building and instead would be running the other way like scared little girls – with their tails between their legs!

    • Steven Sweeney

      The dog owners were REPEAT criminals, which is why they got a search warrant.The cop had every legal right to shoot a vicious dog, just like they had every legal right to enter due to the search warrant.Liberals apparently can’t read or comprehend.Those union public schools failed you as much as the taxpayer.

  • Shawn Curtis

    If they had been to the home as often as they claim, then they should have known the dog was there and planned ahead by bringing along animal control, not just for the dogs safety, but their own.

  • Fox2news

    This sounds like it’s made up by a cop. Since when do they enter through windows for a search warrant. They knock down doors where I’m from. Also as Shawn Curtis pointed out if they had been to the home many different times like they claimed why didn’t they bring animal control. With several non-lethal weapons at their disposal (mace, batons, anymore tasers why shoot the dog.

  • officer gary is a pusspop

    You can do other things to a dog beside shoot it like RESTRAIN IT officer gary you sir are a PUSSY!!!!! I hope you read this you piece of $h!t!

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