Missouri man who avoided prison is overwhelmed by support

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ST. LOUIS (AP) – A Missouri man who avoided prison because of a clerical error and led a law-abiding life for 13 years said he is overwhelmed by the support he’s received since the story of his incarceration became public.

Meanwhile, the Missouri attorney general signaled that he would look for a way to take Cornealious “Mike” Anderson’s many years of clean living into account in attempting to resolve the “difficult situation.”

Anderson was convicted in 2000 of armed robbery for holding up a restaurant manager in suburban St. Louis. But he was never formally ordered to report for his 13-year sentence. So he never went and instead got married, learned a trade and raised several children.

When prison authorities realized their mistake last July, they took him into custody.


  • Adrienne

    So leaving him in jail is proving what? This man turned his life around and it certainly isn’t his fault that the courts made an error. He needs to return home so he can continue contributing to society in a positive manner. What is his wife and four kids to do without his income and presence? This is a mess and the courts should be embarrassed.

  • skeeter12

    Mike needs to be set free he has rehabilitated himself he has a wife and 4 kids. Started and ran a couple businesses, Has not been in trouble with the law since this happened. He has never tried to hide from the law, paid his taxes, paid his tickets, voted,and has raised a family. SO we keep him in jail and his wife and kids will have to go live on welfare,food stamps and government aide. SO why punish this family over something that he has already made amends with and rehabilitated himself of and has made a place in society already. FREE Mike and let him get on with his life. From a WHITE MAN who wants the right thing done here. GOD BLESS YOU Mike and your wife and kids.

    • Troy Dugan

      No you do the crime you do the time I’m no angel what i went to prison for 13 yrs ago is now a misdemeaner so does that mean i should longer have a felony conviction on my record and let me say this i have not gotten into any trouble since does it make everything all better no it does not

  • ByeByeTheRite

    Just because he has not been caught, sence the last time he’s robbed a Burger King doesn’t make him a law biding citizen.

    • skeeter12

      ByeByeTheRite…. Have you been in jail?? have u stolen anything and not got caught?? I bet you have stolen something in the last 6 months even it was an extra piece of candy or walked out of a store with more change than you were supposed to get even if it was only a few cents, I think you are the POT calling the kettle black. Usually the disrespectful and the negative people have more to hide than most.

      • Al Gagnon


  • Michelle

    There are 2 reasons for people to go to prison. 1 is to “pay” for said crime and the other is to rehabilitate. While i agree that he did do the crime and he needs to be accountable for his actions, even 14 years later. I agree with him having to do jail time and take in account the man he is now and the citizen he has become. People make mistakes and bad decisions, it seems as though after doing this crime, he has changed his life around and is doing right. People can change and see the error of there ways. But, in the same token, to do right, knowing the punishment he was handed, Why didnt he turn himself in, even if it was not right way. That would have been the right thing for him to do. So…… I say give him half of what his sentence was and be done with it. He still has to be accountable for his crime.

  • hunter97

    What about prison on the weekends, like the white collar criminals? Let him work and keep his family off welfare during the week.

  • luana harris

    This man’s constitutional rights to speedy trial and punishment have been violated. he should be set free. It is not his fault the system made an error. Really the public should call for an audit and see how many other “prisoners” are being paid for who don’t exist in the system or are dead. People have gotten by with a lot worse on a lot less of a technicality. The fact that even the victim wants him released should be taken into account and in any civilised state would be. Did you know that Missouri was the last state to outlaw slavery?

  • righterthanyou

    Anyone who thinks he should stay in prison is nothing more than an instigator and a hate-monger. Do you not realize your tax dollars are paying to imprison these people? Why not give him some sort of special parole where he can prove to the state and the people that he is actually trying to live a normal life. How can he be held responsible for the doc’s errors? Some of you people on here are some real idiots and need to take a good look around you.

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