Rock Hill police investigating attempted abduction

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ROCK HILL, MO (KTVI)-- Police in Rock Hill are looking into an attempted abduction involving a sixth grader.

Police say around 8 a.m. Friday the 11-year-old student at Seger Sixth Grade Center was walking to school Friday morning when he was approached by three men in a white van.

The side door opened and one of the suspects told the child to get in. Instead, the child ran to school and reported the incident.

The Webster Groves School District then notified parents.

Police have increased their patrols in this area and have contacted neighboring departments with the information.

Those three white men are described as clean shaven between 30 and 40 years old.

If you think you can help call Rock Hill police or 911.


  • Lucy

    It is extremely funny everytime there is a crime involving white people there is no one putting there 2 cents in or racial remarks. Where is steve Sweeney now? Three white men tried to abduct a sixth grader in Webster Groves.
    Oh my Goodness…that is just like a white man who usually like little boys anyway….Where are those comments? LOL I

  • George W. Money

    You have one story here and yes it is horrible. But did anyone die, get shot or both? 13% of the US pop. and commit over 75% of all felony crimes. Not Asian not Hispanic not White… Black. You have a story here today 2 shot in NoCo. Inhumane!

  • Lucy

    Mr Money if you do not call abducting a child inhumane something is wrong with you. We all know white men do 85 percent of molesting of children..Ha Ha and its everywhere..

  • Lucy

    You people dont think molesting your kids, abducting and imprisoning and women is not a inhumane crime. That proves my point that why a lot white men are serial killers because of their dads molesting them. You peoplewill kill your wife and kids in a minute or for another woman. Doesnt feel to good does it.head

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