Two critically injured in north St. Louis shooting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Police are investigating after two people were shot in north St. Louis. This happened around 9:30 p.m. Friday in the 5700 block of Terry Avenue.

Both victims are listed in critical condition.  There is no word on suspects.


  • RWM

    Inesbitt2885 Steven didn’t say what color they were just said “hood rats” aren’t you making assumptions of what color you think they are. Could be white, hispanic, or of Asian descent ins’t that racist and stereotypical to assume what color they are just because of the area.

    • Cit Riverview

      My guess is is an African American. When the code words such as “N” word or hood rats are used it sends a broad signal out notifying the Thought police. This is the group setup by the Rev Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson. My best advice is to IGNORE them. But,always take the opportunity to call them what they are, African’t American’t’s. P.S, I think the poster is Lakisha Jackson nom de plume.

  • George W. Money

    More Black felony crime of just terrifying nature. Yes it will continue as the Pot’s field fills up and our tax $ is wasted on medical bills that will get paid by the folks working.

  • ScottM

    well, since this is a “health problem”, we’ll have to just wait to see if the virus goes away…

    When people are willing to collectively admit that this is a BEHAVIOR problem, we might start seeing change. We need to be honest about why these thugs behave this way.

    The reason you don’t hear the word “behavior” or “responsibility” used is that it points to the real causes – out-of-wedlock births, fatherless homes, parental apathy, zero value on education. All these things are the free choices of free people, and liberals and the media don’t like to admit that black neighborhoods make poor choices, and adhere to a bizarre “no-snitch” rule so that, no matter what, they won’t seek justice if the perpetrator is black. Yes, its racism, they hate whitey and the establishment so much that they wont even turn over a black murderer for justice.

  • call it the way I see it

    Can we just have a section on this website ‘North side shootings’ that will help the story writers from using the same heading over and over. Those keys on their keyboard must be getting worn out by now.

  • tired of racist idiots

    it’s funny how you see the same idiots comment on things involving the black community or the northside but they never comment on stories of crime involving other races.

  • morrow

    What about the cattle rancher verses the U.S government, a few more incidence like that and not one of you will be able to make stupid comments on the net, because it will be shut down.

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