US Postmaster General: The future of the Postal Service

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(KTVI) – The US Postal Service has been struggling over the past decade, losing billions of dollars because of the decline in mail volume and the rise of the internet and electronic mail. Now there are new strategies and new partnerships in place to keep the US Postal Service going.

Randi Naughton talked with US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe about the future of the Postal Service.

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  • Kate

    I use the USPS as much as I can when sending packages. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever sent anything FedEx or UPS unless an online store’s return policy requested it.

  • Jeffrey Brown

    Only a government monopoly could lose money, If you put them in charge of the Mojave Desert, they would be running out of sand in a year.

  • grannybunny

    Operationally, USPS is profitable. Its losses come from a 2006 Congressional mandate to prefund 75 years’ worth of future retiree health benefits within 10 years, a draconian requirement to which no other entity — public or private — has ever been subject. This aggressive and outrageous prefunding requirement was just a cheap accounting trick to transform off-budget Postal revenue — paid in by mailers, not taxpayers — into on-budget funds within the reach of Congress’ greedy mitts. The resulting $50+ billion slush fund has been spent on non-Postal purposes that would otherwise have to be funded by the taxpayers. This Congressional extortion has brought the Postal Service from being debt-free and profitable — in 2006 — to the very brink of bankruptcy. USPS can no longer afford to “bail out” the U. S. Treasury in this manner. Congress created this problem, and Congress needs to fix it, ASAP!

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