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Branson begins study of ban on smoking in public

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BRANSON, Mo. (AP) _ Officials in the southwest Missouri resort town of Branson are looking into a ban on smoking in public.

KTTS-FM reports that city leaders have been asked to draft an ordinance.

Branson aldermen have not set a timetable for public discussion of the proposal, but they’re inviting public input as the details are crafted.

At least one official favors a ban. Alderman Mike Booth is a former smoker. He says Branson may be “a little late” in looking at a smoking ban, but adds, “better sooner than never.”

A pizza restaurant called Mr. G’s is one of the few Branson establishments that does allow smoking. Employee Ann Marie Pounds said she thinks Branson has better things to worry about. But customer Heather Holmes said she would support a city-wide ban.
Information from: KTTS-FM,


  • jad

    GOLLY GOSH, talk about being behind the times!!!! Do they gots tell-e-phones or talking moving pictures or paved roads or horseless carriages yet? How about lek-trisity or indoor plumbing? Bet they also don’t know you don’t have to roll cigs anymore, they comes in packs.
    As for MIZZ Ann Marie Pounds I guess she don’t care much about how many people die every year from smoking or how much harm it does to unborn babies, kids, adults, friends or family’s lungs and bodies….WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Hunny wouldn’t it be nice to come home one day smelling like pizza and beer instead of cigg-e-rate smoke? Probably what is really “IMPORTANT” to her is rushing home to see the crazy housewives of New Jersey so she can see what an awful life them city folk have and try to learn the language they speak so she can say she knows a second language..

  • Michael Margulis

    we should let adults allow or not allow whatever legal activity they want on their own property. if people really wanted smoke-free bars, someone would of opened one, everyone would of gone to said bar, other bars would of noticed they were loosing business and changed their policy…truth is the people that vote these bans in are not the people that go to bars. just more” I know whats best for you” BS

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